Thursday, July 21, 2016

Korean Dolls / Silla Crown

I bought these dolls at one of the local thrift stores a while ago. I was excited to find them. I sometimes will see a Korean or Japanese doll in one of the stores, presumably from a military family's travels and subsequent closet cleaning in later years, but usually it is a single female figure. I am not sure that I've ever seen a couple. I am guessing this is a bridal pair. But I have no basis for that guess. Just the positioning of the dolls and the Hanbok which is often still worn for wedding ceremonies but could just as easily mean nothing as this is a pair of dolls, possibly created specifically for tourists. I don't know.

doll, collectable, korean doll, bridal couple, silla crown, han bok
Korean Doll Couple

Aren't they sweet? And then one day I realized that the man's head piece was reminding me of something I'd seen before. There is a crown in the Nation Museum of Korea (I was lucky enough to visit in 2011) from the 5th Century.

Crown, Silla, 5th Century
photo taken of a page in the catalog
from the National Museum of Korea

I can see a reference to the shapes in the Silla Crown in this headpiece. I find it very interesting that the doll maker chose to reference this rather fantastic 5th century piece and I wonder if it has to do with the timing of the discovery of the crown. The Korean Times article points out that the crown was first shown in Seoul in 1974, right after being discovered. 

Saturday, July 9, 2016

Trying to add Shoulder Straps / Pink Sundress

In the spring I tried a "cold shoulder" pattern by Striped Swallow Designs. It turned out darling and the girls wear their shirts lots and lots. I wanted to make MLyons a dress to wear over her leotard to ballet and found this gorgeous pink. And then I started thinking that I might try to make it less "spaghetti" straps and more of a solid strap in case MLyons wanted to wear the dress to school.
So I looked at Striped Swallow Designs blog and some of the modifications that others had attempted and decided to try. I am not sure that I'm happy with the finish at the neck but other wise it turned out very cute and she has already worn is 3 or 4 times and I only finished it last Saturday.

slow fashion, hand sewn, striped swallow designs, cold shoulder, dress, pink

slow fashion, whigs and tories, hand made clothes, pink off shoulder dress, cold shoulder dress, halter top
purchasing fish food at Wild Wolf Brewery

Last week we ate at Wild Wold Brewery off 150 in Nelson County. Tim & Patrick like the brew(s) and the food was great (try the fish and chips) and there are things to keep the kids busy for a minute. In addition to feeding the gold fish there is a delightful "airplane" to play on and it kept our kids busy until their food came.

pink off shoulder dress by whigs and tories, halter top by whigs and tories, kids clothes, handmade, slow fashion
feeding gold fish at Wild Wolf Brewery

Friday, July 8, 2016

Rock Sculptures in the Mountains (for K)

For you; bear, bean, busy bee
who often thinks no one notices

smart, strong, beautiful daughter


always changing yet steady 

seeing details and wide focus 
both the forest and the trees

so wise and so naive
worldly yet innocent

exploring, questioning, seeking

facing challenges

cherished and missed

reunion joyfully anticipated


Thursday, July 7, 2016

Blackstone Merlot

I posted this on my "The Wine Log" page just over here
but I'm so pleased with this wine I'm posting here too

July 2016: I love, love, love this wine! 
So this is a gorgeous merlot. I have no idea where it came from. Maybe a hostess gift at some time? I tasted the blackberries and wondered, is that just suggestive from the label? But no, you taste blackberries, not sickly sweet berries, but black berries in a lovely warm, full, not sweet sort of way. Gorgeous. Best part, it is available online for under $10.00 a bottle. No lie. For example try here:

merlot, wine, wine log, blackstone
Blackstone Merlot, my new favorite wine.

Saturday, June 25, 2016


It feels like it is late to be finding baby birds in nests, is it late? I don't know. There is a nest near my drive way, I noticed because I was walking passed the shrubs and a bird started to call me away, trying to catch my attention, and so I turned to look at the shrub and found the nest. It was high enough that I couldn't quite see into it, so I held my phone up for a photo. Oh dear, they must be new. They don't have feathers yet!

cardinal, nest, baby cardinals, no feathers, chicks, virginia

I am guessing that these tiny chicks are cardinals because after viewing the nest I turned back to the bird trying to get my attention and saw a flurry of red. I followed it until I could get a better view. Yes a male cardinal. I am so pleased. They are my favorites. They seem a bit shy at the bird feeder, the chickadees are always the first ones. And we have several finches (I think) that are bossy and aggressive. And the Tufted tit mouse (if its birds do we still say 'mice' for plural?) that I also enjoy are frequent visitors. The cardinal seems the last to visit, the first to decide things are too busy or too noisy or too whatever.

a not very good phone photo, with a bit of red there

and there he is flying

I'll be peeking at the nest again in a week or so. I don't want to distress daddy cardinal too much and make a nuisance of myself. 

Monday, May 2, 2016

A few weeks ago at Chincoteague

iphone photo, marshes, assateague island, virginia, water
marshes, Assateague Island

We did finally make it to Chincoteague over spring break. And it was cool, and breezy and we loved it. If you've never been I recommend it, and give yourself at least a full day. We arrived late as we were not able to leave until midday. And we could have spent more time. We walked to the lighthouse. And then took another walking path out to the beach. There were plenty of birds in the marshes and I cannot identify most of them, I'm not a birder, but I saw plenty of red winged blackbirds in the tall marsh grass calling to each other. On our way back to the car we passed several cars pulled to the side and people were outside with binoculars. We asked what they were looking at. They pointed out an eagle's nest and the eagle inside it and the other keeping an eye on the nest from another tree. There is an eagle cam, they said, but it was knocked down in high winds so they are waiting for the babies to fly off and then the video camera will be repaired, or replaced. They offered their binoculars to the kids and they were able to see the eagle in the nest, presumably sitting on eggs. We didn't see any ponies at all. I mentioned this later in social media and a friend from dog training answered that for me. He is both a firefighter and a horseman and has some ties to Assateague. He said the mares are foaling so the ponies are quiet now.

inside the museum

egg preservation display

just outside the museum, evidence of ponies

ocean view, assateague, april, iphone

horseshoe crab, shells, beach

K would like to return. There are camp sites on the island, and bikes are encouraged. There is a Best Western Plus just across the bridge from the island. You could ride your bike in if you were so inclined. Do check the National Park for rules. No dogs allowed on the island at all. It makes sense with the ponies, but I'm glad I looked before we drove out there. Hiking with the canines is a favorite activity for me and I would have automatically brought them. (I do wish dog owners would agree to bring animals on leashes, keep them on leashes and not allow them to bother indigenous animals though. There are an increasing number of National Parks with "no dogs allowed" rules. Ruining it for the rest of us.)

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

staying in

Today I'd planned to take the kids out to Chincoteague Island - we've never been. But the weather changed and the temperature dropped and today it is in the 40's and windy and feels like 30's. Now, we are outside winter people. A day that feels like 30's when you are skiing is quite warm. But I've got a guest at the house without proper clothes and 30's and windy for a hike around an island sounded a bit - well - like a "hardy day" but not really a fun one to be quite frank. So we are putting it off and will try again Thursday.

So I'm doing a few house chores and then cutting up some knit fabric I picked up to try out a new pattern for the shop.

a fun knit by Doodles Dot to Dot

the only fabric store in town in Joann's. They are well stocked in quilt cotton and fleece and then have some seasonal apparel fabrics thrown in. You can see how few people are actually sewing clothes these days by the fabric selections. But Joann's does carry a line by Doodles Dot to Dot that is only sold through their stores and I thought this knit would make a cute summer top for my girls.

they call it a chevron pattern, I just like the colors

I'll post the finished product shortly. (well, hopefully!)

and here it is! Super Cute!
chevron, whigs & tories, doodles dot to dot, knit, summer 2016

whigs & tories, chevron, doodles dot to dot, summer 2016, girls fashion, kids fashion

This pattern is called Desert Breeze and is from the collection of Striped Swallow Designs. This is the third pattern I've purchased from them. I find the directions very easy to follow and the patterns turn out super cute.