Thursday, April 10, 2008

Spring in the foothills

Snow, snow and more snow. As rain is to Williamsburg this time of year so it seems snow is to the foothills... The elk have been a daily fixture lately, we see them often in small groups or huge groups, enjoying the first bits of green grass starting to show themselves. Last night I heard coyotes yipping behind my house - quick look around to make sure both dogs were safely inside!
There is a race at A-Basin this weekend. I believe Tim, K-bear, Tiger and my Dragon will all be racing.
Dragon has been having a tough time at home lately. It would seem that by loving me he is feeling disloyal to his birth mom. We had a long talk tonight. I tried to be as open and understanding as possible. I did ask him if I loved K-bear did that mean I didn't love M-Lyons? If I loved Bitsy does that mean I don't love K-bear? Can I love them all at once? I think he is 'chewing' on it.
M-Lyons has been quite the baker lately. We've baked several batches of cookies. Of course mom is in the middle of a sugar craving (it seems to go hand in hand with a psoratic outbreak) so it easy to convince mom to bake.

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Phoenix Peacock said...

thats hard Cai. I read your article on what not to say too.