Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crazy Day

Wow - crazy day today... K-Bear spent the night at a friends last night. I am so glad she got invited, she was so excited. M-lyons took a alte nap so I let the whole gang stay up late - like 10PM late! Lyons of course didn't want to sleep with out Bear in her room so I set her up in Tiger's bed; told her she was the princess in the castle and then Tiger and Dragon each put a sleeping bag on the floor on either side. How cute!
Today we picked up Bear around 10 and hustled over to church for her to be a in a rehearsal for the confirmation ceremoy this afternoon. I brought home vestments and ropey things to wash for the priest. I really like the priest. We got home after 12 and had to be back at the church by 2:30 - that was a little tight. Poor Bear got dropped off because Bitsy and Lyons were asleep in the car... I have vestments in the dryer and ropy things in pillow cases in the washer...
supposed to be done when I go back for Bear but that is in 20 minutes - not gonna happen. UGH!

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