Saturday, May 10, 2008


It is Saturday; May 10th (I think!) and 9:something A.M. very windy outside and I look out my kitchen window and there are snow flurries blowing about. WHAT?!?

Today's activities will include:
A Fancy Nancy Tea Party; we just happen to have some chocolate cake mix in the pantry and sprinkles. M~Lyons will be baking shortly and creating invitations and decorating the table and everything else in that book!

K-Bear and her father are on their way to Denver. K-Bear's BIG present (in lui of a birthday party) is to go swimming with the fish in one of the Denver Aquarium tanks. We hope it is as exciting as it sounds.
I can't go :-( I still have way too many open sores on my skin... very sad. poor mommy.

BUT - I went shopping yesterday and bought matching bras and panties for the first time in 10 years. YAY FOR ME!
And went poking around "Neiman Marcus Last Call" and found a perfect for me black sweatshirt style hoodie by "Prada" I feel so very chic!!!

Tiger and Dragon are already in separate isolation as I'm sick of listening them be nasty to each other. I suppose in a bit I shall relent and it will be x-box all morning...

Bitsy is wandering around emptying cupboards as usual.

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Phoenix Peacock said...

yuck sorry love. though, virginia wouldnt save you right now. we are having tornados and rain.
but i love love love fancy nancy. probably my favorite character....