Friday, May 30, 2008


Craziest thing...
Yesterday the kids and I went into Denver to watch our friend Luke Arkell in Christian Youth Theater's Production of "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown."
The play was great! Luke did a great job and I was so pleased that the show kept all the kids attention. They loved Snoopy and Woodstock and the performers really did a good job.
On the way there, however, I was in the right hand lane of a highway around Denver. A green vehicle came flying up in the fast lane, cut me off, and pulled off the road in such a way that required me to slow down. Okay... whatever... maybe someone in the car was ill or something. Except, once they got off the road they accelerated. There was a section of guard rail on the right, so they were on the right of it in the gravel and grass, and I was on the left of it in what is the right hand lane of the road. They accelarated and I started trying to find a way out, slowing down and checking left but there was a car there... anyway they turned to pull back onto the road, misjudged, and hit the guard rail. If the guard rail hadn't been there they would have hit my car. Pieces of wood flying everywhere -

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