Sunday, July 20, 2008

Dinner with Wess

I called Wess to be my next victim in my "interesting people" series with AC. Wess is a great guy who I know as the guy who can do anything with a computer, who drove up to Fredericksburg at an ungodly hour to help me and my husband move my sister out of a bad living situation while she was in the hospital, who drove all my stuff to Colorado with my husband and helped unpack and who drove my dogs home to Virginia when my sanity was at breaking point and I needed my husband to stay home. So you could say, Wess is like a conscripted member of Tim's Army or you could call him a member of the family or just maybe and angel who helps me out an awful lot.
In addition to all that - and really being a bit of a rockstar at DXS - Wess is a founding member of hak.5. You don't know what that is? Me neither. I can't understand it AT ALL, at all. I don't get geek speak and Wess is so very cute about dumbing it down for me. But seriously, the guy is like friggin famous.
And I've been trying since to write up my little write up - but I'm obsessing a bit. Because I think DXS has maybe put Wess in a tight spot with hak.5 Tim has Wess in Denver a lot lately, and then for personal reasons Wess left the hak house, and then there is other stuff too going on which as you you'll notice I just wrote a whole posting about how I censor EVERYTHING and I'm already not as censored as I should be. But my read is that he is a little out of the whole hak.5 circle - which is horrible because it is his thing. He has said more than once that if he could live a good life and only do hak.5 he would. He is just really into it. He likes sharing what he knows, he has fun, he loves the community that has grown around it (they have groups and forums and people help each other out a lot) and it would seem at the moment that it is a little precarious and it is killing me because I have this idea that I am meant to be the world's big sister/fairy god mother and make it all right. And not only can I not - but perhaps I am someone who is somehow tied into why it isn't right. And this is really really upsetting to me. Like really. really really. Shit.


Mubix said...
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Mubix said...

This is mubix (Rob Fuller) from Hak.5. I don't have any more of an inside scoop, but his job is definitely getting in the way of something he loves. But there really isn't anywhere to place blame, it's life. I have grown away from a lot of friends because we weren't close enough to hang out any more. But, on that note, life has a way of bringing people back together again. When it's time, Hak.5 will be whole again.