Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Long Day with Swim team

Yesterday was a long long day - we had swim team in the morning, and then a swim team get together of bowling. $5.00 a kid to bowl and have 1 piece of pizza except I have 5 kids... luckily two are small enough not to bowl but they want to eat! It is frustrating to be at these settings... we never ate pizza and always packed our own food growing up. We packed our own food if we went hiking or to Disneyland... and trying to explain to my kids that we aren't in bad shape financially but we don't choose to purchase over priced (and usually less than well made) food isn't easy. They just want to be with their friends. Since when did kids entertainment get so pricey? And while I'm on the topic - what is with the birthday parties these days? They are more elaborate than a graduation party would have been 20 years ago!!!
And then off to the swim meet where I worked as a "timer." And again I'm getting bombarded by requests to go to the concession stand. "Um... hello guys. You know that Turkey Burger and corn you ate before we left... that was dinner. We spent Mommy's cash to bowl." Good grief. But the swim meet went well and Tiger actually swam for points - good stuff! K-bear continues to be much slower than everybody else so that gets to be disappointing for her, but her technique is really good. Dragon I just pray doesn't drown, although he has gotten much stronger.

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