Friday, July 11, 2008

My Grand Aunt Ethel....

Remembering Ethel and Ed Malone

The above link with direct you to a little article I wrote regarding my great grand Aunt. I didn't know she even existed - and then two weeks after I was married my husband took a job in Fond du Lac WI. When my maternal grandmother, Kathleen Kinross Mulhare heard the news she wrote to me regarding her godmother, Ethel Fitzgerald Malone. Who resided in Fond du Lac. Shortly after moving there I wrote Aunt Ethel and introduced myself in a note. She called and invited me over for tea and we met in her wonderful, very green (minty green) parlor. I met my Aunt Ethel and my Uncle Ed. They were great people, well read, opinionated, energetic and passionate. I only knew them for a short time but my life will forever be enriched by the experience.

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