Sunday, July 20, 2008


Tonight I will eat you alive -
To all those dads out there that think I am a wound up control freak. The day you make it home every night to do dishes and put these kids to bed - and yes three of them need help with baths still - that is the day you can tell me "well I said it would be okay if they stayed out." I told them - 8 o'clock. I gave them 5 more minutes how many times so you wouldn't look like a wimp in front of the neighbor. Sorry boys. They will be out till ten tomorrow swimming and I've got two who won't make it. And did you ever factor in my sanity???
Everybody wants to know how I run this ship with a husband who is on the road - well let me tell you - I run it my fucking way. So get off the damn road or shut up.

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