Sunday, July 20, 2008

slumber party

too too cute!
We live in a large and roomy house, which is ridiculous. Kids are like puppies, they all want to be together. Quite often M-Lyons who is three crawls into bed with Tiger who is 7. Tonight, Tiger, Dragon and K-Bear were outside late and M-Lyons was already in bed. So we moved the "good night stories" by Jim Wiess into her room. Tiger did not want to go to bed without his good night stories but M-Lyons didn't want to switch rooms. So Dragon who is 6 got into bed next to M-Lyons (it is a queen) and then Tiger layed down width wise across the bottom of the bed. And Bitsy is in her crib. Way too cute! And silly, social workers require no more than 3 to a room and they are all in there together because they want to be.

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