Sunday, July 20, 2008

the whole public diary thing

So I have to say I prefer blogs in which people are a bit more candid than I usually am and they just let what ever is on their mind be out there. I obviously filter what I say - a lot - and even find myself deleting things off of twitter because of where it shows up and who knows who I am. Which is stupid, I mean it sort of defeats the point. And yet - what is the point? I can't have a public diary - I write about people and relationships because the puzzle that is people is fascinating. But some of those people actually read my blog and leave comments - crap! - so I can't just tell them what I really think now can I?
I think there should be a rule - if you work with some one then they are not allowed to be your social internet friends and they are not allowed to read your blog - and if you are friends with my family same deal - unless you promise to be on my side and just let me vent about things and not hold it against me or who ever I'm venting about - which brings me back to why this blog is always so friggin mundane - unless I'm off at the cowboy parade trying to get runover by long horns - or I'm freaking out about the mountain lion - the rest of it is just so... who gives a shit. You know?

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