Monday, September 29, 2008

I forgot...

I forgot how exhausting all the running around is.
the starts and stops.
short spurts.
fighting to get toddlers out of the car
"Mommy I want to do it" when I dare to unbuckle her
fighting to get toddlers in the car
and now our little Bitsy is anti nap
sorry toots you are two.
at this house:
Two year olds either take naps
or scream in their cribs.
The list of "to do" keeps growing and seems to out live my starts and stops
my short burst
my running around
So I will complete my tasks from now until Nov.
and then no more.
no more running
no more short bursts
no more to dos.
not for a while.
I am done.


Meg said...

"Two year olds either take naps
or scream in their cribs."

I love this!

Promise me when I have kids, you'll teach me everything you know!

CailinMarie said...

you put WAY too much faith in me :-)

Myon said...

so what happens in NOV?

CailinMarie said...

hi ya My -
in November the Auction will be over - some how I got on that committee - I'm in charge of class art projects -so far I'm sewing a quilt, painting a portrait, Tim actually built a small child's table, and in addition I am writitng an article for the publicicty people to bring to newspapers or something to get "the word out"
in the meantime I'm dealing with the public schools regarding my older two kids and trying to run an Arbonne business on the side -
this is ridiculous!