Friday, September 26, 2008

K-Bear won

so yes, I am one of those mothers who thinks my children are brilliant gifts to this earth and that you should all know every time they reach a goal, accomplish a task, use a utensil, blow their own nose. So sue me.

I have been involved in the 5th grade campaign for ambassador. Today I jumped through serious hoops to get her big roller board/white board with a poster attatched to school as her "prop" for her big speech. She did great! A little quiet but it was her first time addressing an assembly.

And she came running off the bus to announce "I am the new ambassador!" So she won.

So here is her speech:

Hi I’m "her name" and I’m running for the 5th grade ambassador. I’m responsible, experienced, and friendly.

Here let me explain.

In 3rd grade I went to Korea, and represented my family and my country.

In herp club I represent animals to students and adults.

In 4th grade I moved to Colorado for 6 months. So I know what it’s like being a new student.

I like meeting new people, and I’m not shy.

I have a lizard that is about 2 years old. He was this big when I got him. Mom thought I was going to kill him, but that never happened. And now he’s this big.

I’m a good student, and if I say I will do something then I will do it the best I can.

So VOTE FOR ME! K (name), the next 5th grade ambassador!

So it was cute and it was her....

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Meg said...

She needs to be a speech writer! I'd totally vote for her!

Congratulations K-bear!