Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Need your help~

So somebody is using my old blog name to spam people - if you search "ARBONNE AND PSORIASIS" you get my blog and on that you get reffered to sombodies site regarding knock off hang bags. But, in addition to that, they are posting to that address so that anybody who signed up to subscribe to "my pretty face ~ arbonne and psoriasis" has received their spam about handbags.
I am not exactly sure how to deal with it other than to post on my current blogs what is going on.
But I am wondering- if people read and comment on the new blog http://facepretty.blogspot.com if that will get it high enough in the rankings to show up so that I can get the word out? That hey, Arbonne made me chnge my blog title and my blog address - and I am not the handbag girl?

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