Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Newsweek - On Education

Evan Thomas, Eve Conant and Pat Wingert wrote an exciting piece regarding Michelle Rhee who is working to reform Washington D.C.s schools. And it looks like she is taking on the teachers union which could mean reform for American Schools. Go Rhee!

A few quotes that ought to get your blood going regardless of which side of the fence you sit on:
"It's embarrassing to be a Democrat when you hear Democrats talk about education," She says. "I believe that until the Democratic Party breaks ties with the teachers unions, we are not going to see the true reform in this country that we need."

"What we need to do is change the idea that education is the only career that needs to be done for life There are a lot of smart people who change careers every six or seven years, while education ends up with a bunch of people on the low end of the pile who don't want to compete in the job market." Kati Haycock, president of Education Trust


Everyday Moments said...

I like your profile description of taking no prisoners, having no regrets....what a great way to live :). That would eliminate a lot of the guilt we have as moms for not being as amazingly awesome as we imagine all the other moms to be. My hats off to you with all your little ones :)!

Meg said...

"on the low end of the pile who don't want to compete"...*rolls up sleeves, makes fists* :ahem:

Are they kidding me? No. Really? Have they met my friend, Leah, the super teacher? Have they met Mr Sams? Mrs. Lane-Hamilton? Mr. Dubay? Mrs. Alexander for god's sakes? *emits growling noise*

I was having trouble with my senior research paper. I had gotten in over my head with the scientific research. Mr Dubay met me at the W&M library after school to give me a hand. Since it was my birthday, he brought me candy. That paper got me inducted in the Virginia Junior Academy of Science. Yeah. Right. Mr Dubay had no ambition. Right he couldn't be bothered looking for a "real" job.

*takes deep breath. hikes up pants. goes looking for bottle of scotch*