Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Friends...

Yesterday I got to go to Franklin VA to visit with a friend of mine from college. It was great fun... we "walked down the hill" from her parents house to a place on Main Street and had BBQ sandwiches with cole slaw and beer. And tried to catch up... which meant much topic jumping as we hoped around from husbands, kids, jobs, locals, racism, old friends and so on.
MA lives in Zambia Africa right now. Her husband is in Foreign Service and she is in the United States for the birth of her son. Listen to how crazy this is: her son is her third child. For the birth of each of her kids she has flown at 7 or 8 months pregnant back to the United States to give birth here in the U.S. She and baby hang out for several weeks and then she flies back "home." So this time she flew home 8 months pregnant with her two girls (without her husband!) she said she was in the airport pushing the double stroller with the girls in it, with various bags hanging off of her shoulders and she actually had the car seat ON HER HEAD(!) because she had no other way to carry it. I think her girls are about 4 and 2 years old... about. Okay, I am one tough mommy but I don't even come close. MA is my choice of the mommy of the year award, and I think she is my choice for life. Good grief! So we had a great time chit chatting and I enjoyed seeing her parents (and they really do have this amazing old house built in the 1800s) and I got to meet her son. Her girls are already back in Zambia with their dad. He flew out for the birth and I am not sure exactly how long after he was able to stay and he traveled back with his daughters. MA says "I know my limits. I cannot fly 35 hours with the girls and a newborn."
Yeah, ya think?
I'm totally in awe of my friend.

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Meg said...

My god, Wonder Woman indeed! Can you ask her if she'll ever consider teaching parenting classes someday?