Thursday, September 25, 2008

PETA Wants Ben and Jerrys To Use Human Breast Milk

Instead of using cow milk, PETA wants Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream makers to use human breast milk. I wonder if they consider the disease or drugs that can be passed through human breast milk?

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Teresa KK said...

I saw something on the news of a chef (can't remember from where) was paying for human breast milk for a specific recipe that is his specialty. Who regulates what that woman put in her body? What is she addicted to that she is selling her milk? YIKES!!!!

Meg said...

Um, Just eeeeew!

That's wrong on just so many levels. So. Many. Levels.

Deanna said...

Hey! Would this lead to a new revolutionary 'work at home' biz?

(kidding...just kidding...)