Tuesday, September 16, 2008

stay out of my laundry pile

WHY IS IT SO HARD to leave my laundry alone???
I am OCD about the damn laundry. I know this. My husband knows this, my sisters know this, my mother knows this, my mother in law may not know it but probably suspects it... so why the hell do people keep trying to do my laundry??? I have a brand spanking new never been worn pair of jeans I just pulled out of the dryer (and yes that means I didn't do laundry yesterday) and I am now wasting my morning trying to rescue them because some engineer/computer genius put them in with the stickers still on the legs. HELLO!!! If you don't want me to waste the budget on my clothes then DON'T RUIN MY CLOTHES!

and no, I'm not PMS ing. This is the everyday me saying leave the laundry alone and go do the dishes. I am not OCD about the dishes... except the china, don't touch the china.

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Meg said...

Yeah, I feel ya on this one. I remember this time (HS? College?) my mom was away helping my grandpa who had just had a stroke. My dad comes to me and tells me he's going to do laundry and do I want anything washed. Well, Dad, that depends, what are you washing? His response....


I'll let that sink in. Pants. What kind of pants? "Just pants." You have your jeans, I have my t-shirts. Don't you dare wash my t-shirts. Ever. Yeah, I know I have a FULL LOAD of black t-shirts, but only I know what can be dried and what can't, and why.

::Pounds chest, gives peace sign::
I feel ya, dawg. Stay the hell away from my laundry.