Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boob shirts

So I was watching T.V. this evening and they brought on the girl (woman sorry MHC!) who founded this company SOMUCHMORE which makes T-shirts that are supposed to sort of deal with the white elephant in the room and make you laugh at once.
SOMUCHMORE makes and sells T-shirts that are about breast cancer:
"I lost both breasts to cancer... but men look me in the eye now"
"Does this shirt make my boobs look small?"
and my favorite
"Of course they're fake...the real ones tried to kill me"

The company donates to cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

The founder does not think cancer is funny, but she does believe that she is so much more than a cancer survivor. And so is everybody else.

And you guys thought I was back on Tena's bouncy boobs, bounce rate blog posts. HAH!

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