Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Detox Cleanse - Day One

Okay, I've been scolded roundly for using the company name since I sell the stuff but A.I. came out with a detox line last spring and I have slowly tried things out. SLOWLY because if you have sensitive skin you know - GO SLOW! So to date I have tried the bath soak - GLORIOUS; the Scrub - my new favorite and it lives in my shower; the massage oil which I really like because it smells nice without that heavy scented feeling that smothers you (you know?) and the mud mask on my face - which definitely works and leaves me BRIGHT RED for a while so not to be used before going anyplace! So far I have managed to use them all without triggering a skin reaction. whew!

Okay - all of that to preface the point of the post-

the Cleanse...
The Cleanse is called the 7 Day Body Cleanse. It is supposed to detox you from the inside out (oh how lovely!)
I have actually done a few of these with herbalists - one is famously called "Ivy's Cleanse" and it is intense - I often feel sick when I use that formula.
So today is day one and I am curious to see A.) how I feel and B.) if my skin has anything to say about it.
Ingredients include Senna, Rhubarb root, and Cascara Sagrada. I don't know if I have used the first two in the past but Cascara Sagrada is a common cleanser and used in lots of herbal detox formula.
{side note: the product is $49.00 retail (less if you wholesale) when I bought allthe ingredients for Ivy's cleanse it cost over $100.00}

If you don't know the whole skin story check this out: Guttate Psoriasis on my Face

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