Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday after Thanksgiving

For ever ago, pre-marriage I think, one of my college friends used to drive up from North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my rowdy family. There would be my mother, my two sisters, my brother, sometimes a random Air Force cadet would come home with Tony, sometimes Tony wouldn't come and he stay in Colorado and ski, my other sister M would show up with college friends and the little sister "Tia" was in Jr. High. My friend continued the tradition into my first years of marriage and pretty much until she was married.
I loved it.
She is also the only person I ever knew who went shopping the day after Thanksgiving as tradition. She was horrified the first year that I wasn't going... there was all sorts of shopping to be done! So after that she'd make sure I was up and at 'em and in the car by 9.
I am not shopping today. I am undecorating the fall stuff and putting out the beginnings of the Christmas stuff and hopefully playing a game of Monopoly mid day with the 'big kids' when the small ones take a nap.
Yesterday was busy and typical family time. We host Thanksgiving. When we first got married it was supposed to be a rotation. Sometimes we go to his mom's and sometimes we go to mine - but his parents have not been int town for th last several years. His grandparents however, are and are pretty much on their own. At 90 they aren't going to travel and no one travels to them, so they come to our house. So does my mom. And this year so did Miss Carol, a widow from church in her 70s or 80s. We started Turkey at 8 am. Cooked stuffed pumpkin, corn bread, M-Lyons made cranberry sauce the preschool way, pumpkin pie... for some reason the sweet potatoes didn't cook up right.
At about 11 am my husband wants to know if I need the stove top burners because he wants to clean them. He has in fact started cleaning them and it suddenly occurred to him that it might be a problem. Can we say "too many people in the kitchen?" Yeesh.
But what is a holiday without at least one of those kind of incidents?
Hope you had a good one.


Meg said...

What fun! It was just my parents and I. And the sound of crickets chirping.

The Muse said...

Oh I wish family and friends were closer! It sounds like the best way to share the season!