Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frog and Toad

Tiger is in second grade and he is reading "Frog and Toad." You may remember "Frog and Toad." I do.
Today he was reading a chapter called "Shivers" in which Frog tells a story about THE DARK FROG. A big scary frog he met in the woods when he was little. THE DARK FROG threatened to eat Frog, but he wasn't hungry yet. So he made Frog turn the jump rope until he jumped one hundred times. Frog gets away in the end, but it reminded me of a nightmare I had when I was 4 or 5 and that I still remember.
I remember having a nightmare in which a horrible warty toad about as big as me, sat on a stool in a very dark place and demanded that I count. I remember in the dream I was crying and crying and counting and counting.
Isn't it odd that I still remember that? I can see that awful toad as clearly now as I could in the dream.

mmm...any dream interpreting psychologists out there? what do you make of that?


Kristina P. said...

It probably means you are going to find out you are pregnant, or that you are dying. Close call.

Meg said...

Any unresolved issues with math? Like square roots or something? Maybe math teachers from France?

The Muse said...

EEEECH, not a lover toads or frogs....
Actually, I was rather quite brave just clicking on this post title...!LOL

The Muse said...

What a lovely feeling of joy you have given me, with your kind words at my blog! If one can fly...I am doing so this morning!