Sunday, November 2, 2008


hmmm... So I haven't been around much at all lately...
The COOP Auction has taken on a life of its own and my husband hasn't been traveling.
Yesterday was his birthday. It was great fun and involved a lot of acting 12 years old a playing Command and Conquer (we are certified EA Games junkies) and we are definitly going to have to round up all the disks and get a good LAN party going eventually but I digress. I was trying to cook dinner for in-laws, chase the two year old (Bitsy's birthday was Wednesday) and the three year old, clean house and take Arbonne orders (my computer was in use for the Command & Conquer and was talking to his laptop so he and my son could team up against the others...) and I tell you - I decided I am going to have to seriously get my hiny in gear. I want to earn whatever the "big incentive" trip is next year so maybe I can get a little respect around this house. Honestly people! I need the computer for one minute to check a price and I cannot get to it because your base is about to get 'blown up'!


this is my newsletter...

November 2008 Cailin’s Arbonne Newsletter

I would like to thank everybody who has helped me get back into business here. I really appreciate all of your support as I re-start after my time in Colorado.

Fall Specials:

Usually Myon and I run the RE9 set special in October. October flew by and is gone and I never ran it. Yikes. So I am offering the RE9 set special in November this year. First come basis, you can purchase the RE9 set for $190.00 this month ($298.50 value!) this is the anti aging set that has made Arbonne such a successful company. Never tried it? Give me a call and take home the sample bag for a week. You will be amazed! I need four orders to run the special, and I can only take four. So if you are interested let me know right away.

The HOLIDAY Specials are in! I will have an open house Dec 4th and 5th from 10 Am until 3 Pm and by appointment throughout November and December. Book a time for a private holiday shopping experience and come over to sample and smell all the holiday scents and specials. Or gather a few girlfriends for a small group and I’ll provide wine and a cheese plate while you shop.

Last year I took orders for gift bags for teachers, bus drivers and others prices begin at $10.00. Call or email for more information. Orders for gift bags need to be in by Dec Check for product specials on Holiday Sets.

As in the past I will hold a drawing every quarter to offer a surprise “thank you” gift to everybody who has hosted a party or introduced me to a new client. Thank you to Gina K, Lisa P, Caroline C, and Jamie M. As always I am seeking new clients and party hostesses. Hostess receive a hostess gift and the opportunity to purchase products at 80% off.

We recently held a mother daughter party to help our emerging tweens learn good skin care habits and to let the girls play with color. It was a lot of fun!

Thank you for being a part of my business!

Cailin Yates

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