Monday, November 3, 2008

There needs to be a Gamer Anonymous

It is embarrassing... I am literally waiting to tuck my kids into bed (damn the time change I think it should be bed time!) so I can play. My husband got around to adding Command and Conquer to my computer - old version mind you - Generals (there are three CC types, Tiberian Sun which I don't care for, Red Alert which I loved and which supposedly has a new version, and Generals which I like way too much for my own good) so I am listening to the 3 middle kids clean up the blocks, train tracks and army tanks/soldiers and the oldest play "Mary had a Little Lamb"on her alto sax and I'm fixated on being able to turn on a game and take on 3 armies and see how I do. What is it with that game?
I was raised playing RISK - a game I love and which seems to have taught me World Geography as well as strategy and influences my understanding of Foreign Policy. Seriously - If you look at the game board you know that you don't want "enemy" influences in your hemisphere it is much harder to defend yourself. Add in the complications of planes, and weapons of mass destruction and you realize your boarders extend way beyond your actual territory and you need "buffer" zones which you defend with a vengeance. C&C is the same thing - but faster - against a computer and it adds in all kinds of variables: availability of monetary value to build a base and troops - effectiveness of various kinds of troops against enemy forces - and so on. And for me it is addicting. Loose a game and I immediately want to restart it - same board, same enemies, same locations - until I can beat it. This can of course take all night.
Add this to my regular schedule of running around and no wonder I am getting nothing at all done. There needs to be a support group. "Hi, I am NOT a 12 year old male couch potato and I am an EA Games Junkie" (don't even get me started on the Lord of the Rings Game)

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