Thursday, January 31, 2008

3 things, early

It is Thursday - I must go get Izzy and Maggie from Mother's Day out and will not have time to write before the 4:15 bus.
I am grateful that my Rem happily lugged in firewood for the fireplace last night.
I am grateful that my Rem said to his sister this morning "Good Morning Maggie! You look nice; I like the red hearts on your sweater." (How cute is that?)
I am grateful that Rem is already well like by his kindergarten classmates.

Shawn is feeling better today - still home sick though. I think he is homesick for Virginia. He has said he misses his friends and want to go home. I know. He has also said that he thought we would have neighbors and that he would be friends with their kids already. Why oh why could my husband not listen to me? Why are we living in isolation on the side of a mountain??

Okay - enough moaning - off to the post office and to get girls...

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Failure and frustration

Once again within minutes of arriving from school Rem has hit my buttons. Shawn's been sick, it messed up my day, Maggie, Izzy and Shawn are all asleep and in comes Mr. Always loud; always fast. I meet them at the door with kisses and a request to come in quietly and immediately he starts. Damn it! Send him downstairs and he sits, 2 steps down and continues with his game. I can hear him anywhere, the resting sick kid is awake already. Damn it. So I met out an unjustifiably harsh punishment and finish dinner. Go looking for a 5 minute mental break and end up reading the first thing I see; an article on gratitude. So here is the experiment. I commit to recording 3 thing I am grateful for in regards to Rem everyday for the month of February. Preferably at 4 pm, 15 minutes before he walks through that door...
I am grateful that Rem is truly a smart kid.
I am grateful that Rem likes to be helpful.
I am grateful that he sweetly said "Hi Izzy, how are you? I am happy to see you." when his little sister walked in on our conversation.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


So Shawn is sick again - with fevers and chills and just a very sad and pathetic little boy. Yesterday we spent the day being fairly quite. At one point he was asleep and the sun was out and I got Maggie and Izzy outside in a sunny, almost 50 degree day with just a bit of cold breeze reminding us it was winter. Today looks like it will be more of the same though I do plan to get Maggie to her preschool class.
I have found myself addicted to the computer in the past 2 weeks. Not really having friends close by I turn to "groups" online, however I do have work I need to get done. SO I have allowed myself a minute to bog, to touch base and then the computer is going off until tomorrow. Bah Humbug.

Monday, January 28, 2008

OH! Lib thinks I'm excellent!

She gave me an "E" :)

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Kathleen's Kitchen

So my Kathleen was paying attention a few weeks ago when her father and I were discussing "Rich Dad Poor Dad" by Robert Kiyosaki. I had just read it, based on April Steffen's recommend, and was giving my husband an overview.

Well, Kathleen payed attention and I think the idea that Robert Kiyosaki claims his education began at age 9 really caught her interest. She brainstormed for days and came up with several business ideas some better than others and eventually turned to making cookies. We make pretty good cookies around here. So... she has decided (with much encouragement on my part) to specialize in one kind of cookie to begin with and chose Sugar Cookies. She has practiced with a few batches and we sent our first "complimentary sample" out to my sister for her birthday on Friday and another sample batch off to Kathleen's grandfather for his birthday.
Keep an eye out for further developments...

Tim registered (it is "under construction") and my MUIB friend MIS is working on a signature/button for Kathleen. :)

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Honey wake up, I have some news that is going to make your day challenging...

That is how my husband woke me this morning. Don't you just love it when that happens? So darling, what exactly is it that is going to ruin my day?
Well, the heater isn't working.
Okay - that IS going to ruin my day! The high yesterday was 9 degrees, the low was 1, with the wind chill we are subtracting anywhere from 15 to 20 degrees. I am squinting at my husband, the covers still pulled to my chin, and thinking. That is it. I quit. I am packing the kids into the car and going home. I literally stick one toe out from under the covers... oh no. It is COLD in this house. Thankfully there is a wood fire place and he already has that going, the oven he has wide open and on to 500 degrees and all the stove top burners are fired up. And he bought a space heater last week for the basement - whew! We put that in the room by Izzy's crib... I am tiptoeing around the kitchen in ski socks, a wool sweater and my wool hat (don't I look lovely) I refuse to shower! And start making the kids breakfast. Those kids usually bounce out of bed at 6, 6:30 the latest. At 7:15 I am pulling them out of bed, "grab your clothes and go get dressed by the crib where the heater is." Outside the trees are still white and glistening from the frost. The wind is picking up snow off the ground and swirling it around and my 12 year old yellow lab has disappeared. I call him, shut the door, wait a bit call him again. My husband says, "well you know mountain lions hunt in the morning."
Okay honey, I didn't shoot you when you told me that the heat in this mountain house you insisted on renting (I wanted to live in town and have neighbors and less wind and a modern house) wasn't working but if you calmly tell me my old dog has become cougar breakfast and you don't go find him I WILL shoot you and then I really am going home! Does he go looking for my Mali? No, he is putzing around the garage with tires. The obsessive tire project he has had going since we arrived. Did he research tires before we drove the minivan across the country. Nope. But once we got here, low and behold my minivan's run flat tires not only do not work well in snow they cannot easily be changed to snow tires because of the rims. I have spent several days sitting at home because I am the only woman in the entire state of Colorado whose car cannot handle snow! Fine, I grab my boots and coat and I've already got my hat and gloves on and go looking for my dog. Finally he comes running home from who knows where. Good grief!
I get my three big kids off to the bus and the heat kicks on. What? I have a heater that only works when it is warm? Well relatively warm anyway. Ridiculous. Mr. Heater Fix It Man arrives around 10 AM. He explains that the most likely culprit is the fact that the Dryer vents out right over the pipe that brings air into the heating unit. Which means that the dryer is melting snow and it is making its way into the intake pipe and then it froze. We know it froze as there is still a block of ice there. Lovely. With out air the compressor can't do its thing and without a happy compressor I have no heat. I get it. This is important. So what am I to do? Well you just got to dig out your dryer vent every day and make sure it isn't melting snow over the intake pipe. Hmm how convenient. So, everytime I run the dryer I get to go check the snow level. I have 5 kids... how often do you think that dryer runs?
Ah hah. So girls - guess what - I now know that the dryer vent and the air pipe are in the wrong place and this makes the compressor not happy and a not happy compressor means my heater quits when it is freezing.
All I can say is I am so glad to live in an era when there are things like dryers standard in most houses and things like heaters also standard in most houses and that I have a cushy enough life that I can expect these things to work regularly. I look out my window at the Continental Divide and marvel at the men and women who made their way out here without indoor plumbing and regular heat. It is a wonder they survived. My grandfather says my generation is "soft" and doesn't know what hard work is. Maybe not...
As I finish writing the above one of my sons comes running upstairs, "Mom you know the bedroom downstairs you told us not to play in? Maggie locked herself in!" Off we run, multiple phone calls to my husband including the "911" page go unanswered. The bobby pin trick isn't working. The back of a paintbrush isn't working. We find a tool bag in the garage. I dispatch the 9 year old to our neighbor's house. They have horses, don't all animal people have lots of tools and knowhow? My 7 year old has his fingers jammed under the door so the three year old (locked in a room that is not only cold but also dark) can touch finger tips with him and listen to our voices and know we are coming. I decide to pull the door knob off the door thinking my first choice of brute force jamming the door off its hinges will traumatize her. Lefty loosey Cailin, lefty loosey. It seems like it takes for ever but I get the door knob off, and pass it and the screws to my 5 year old for safe keeping and to give him a job. I find a flat head screw driver and manage to turn the locking mechanism and the door is open. A hysterical three year old falls into my lap. Once she is settled I turn to the five year old for the knob, he has placed the screws into the knob and now they won't come out. Hmm. I think it is time for a cookie and some hot chocolate, and perhaps a bit of peppermint schnapps for the mommy's cup?

Thursday, January 17, 2008

One year olds...aargh!

It is truly amazing how I forget from one child to the next certain things... like once they start walking how they completely turn the house upside down! Izzy spent yesterday pulling things out of drawers and spreading them out around the house. She loves "dressing herself" and it seems pulling her head through the arm whole of a bra is one of her favorite "accessories." She is also fascinated by toilets. Yesterday I fished a plastic strawberry from the 3 year old's "kitchen" out of a toilet and this morning my 7 year old son ran in to announce that she had placed the dog bowl and the 3 year old's shoe in the toilet. Fantastic. So I start hollering about closing bathroom doors and my sweet son is just looking at me and I realize, I was the last one in the bathroom. For heaven's sake!!!

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Tag 7 Random People...

Still working on the tag thing...
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so check them out!

Christie's Thoughts: I've been tagged......

Christie's Thoughts: I've been tagged......
Ahah! You have no idea how proud I am that I've figured out how to put your link on my blogs! And I am a SNOB!!! and answered the tag on the more personal blog because I am just being that way :) But your link is on both. So have a look at my 7 random things... someone needs to!

So I was tagged on my Arbonne Blog...

I am being a snob and NOT doing the tag post on that blog as I want it to be about Arbonne, Skin Care, Health, Hormones and the research I try to do on those topics and stories I have to share. So I will take the liberty of addressing the tag here.
Christie surely you don't mind!!!
The rules as I understand them:
1. Link to the person who tagged you
2.Leave a comment on their blog (so their readers can find you)
3.Share 7 Random or Weird Facts about yourself
4.Tag 7 Random people at the end of your post
5.Include links to their blogs...

Okay - link to Christie - done
#2 Done
#3 7 random things:
1. I attended 3rd and 4th grade in Spain in an immersion environment; I was the only American in my grade. I became fluent in Spanish but forgot it all by age 20.
2. My Spanish classmates thought I was a Gypsy because of my dark skin and told me Americans were blonds with blue eyes!
3. I am afraid to dream.
4. In 5th, 6th and 7th grade I knew enough German to buy candy and play tag.
5. I swore I would never have kids (I have 5)
6. I played rugby in college
7. I want to go to Mongolia and ride horses with the nomads.
now the tricky part, I have to find 7(!) bloggers to link to. I don't know 7!
Okay Christie - I tried!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Denver Stock Show Parade January 15 2008

So today I was total "tourist mom" and pulled the kids from school to go watch the Denver Stock Show Parade - the show is through the weekend but we have bought Ski tickets and done the whole school thing and registration fees and I am just not seeing paying for anything else for a bit - so anyway - we get lost trying to find the parade route through the middle of Denver. Izzy is hollering Maggie is singing (if you have heard Maggie you know she has volume and this pitch...) and I'm on the phone with Tim "okay I'm here... turn where? Oh I just passed it....) but we FOUND it and we hadn't missed it yet and we found parking and straight out of the gate after the police cars at the front were the cowboys herding longhorns through downtown Denver - not something a bunch of kids from Virginia get to see everyday. In fact I'm not sure I've ever been upclose to a Longhorn before and if I have it hasn't been since I was 3 and moved out of Oklahoma. Anyway - 10 feet from us was the turn so the cattle get to the wall of people in front and they falter and start backing up and sort of decided that my 4 short kids with no one behind them but me look like an easy way out. So I've got Izzy on my hip I'm reaching for Maggie, I am seeing headlines of the Virginia woman and 5 kids who were trampled and visions of the family Texan shaking her head and wondering just how stupid ARE the people in this family and suddenly there were 5 horses creating a wall in front of my kids with cowboys calling and whistling and twirling ropes. It was the coolest thing. And it took about 5 minutes but they got those cattle around the corner and on down the road. The rest of the parade was rodeo princesses and fancy carriages and a team of riders calling out directions and the horses were sort of dancing... it was definitely worth getting lost and one of the cowboys rode over and gave Kathleen a balloon... very cool day to skip school.