Thursday, February 28, 2008

All grown up and writing "articles"

Check me out! I am a "contributing writer" for Moms United in Business. Who would have thought?

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


Okay, okay, we watch a LOT of Disney and in case you didn't catch the quote I need you to visualize the movie Mulan... Mushu rises out of the ashes...

We seem to be on the other side of the flu! WHEW! It is draining this year and boy I hope we are done with it for good. Somebody knock on some wood quick!
While we were all under the weather we had some 30 elk bed down in our yard one night. Did I write about that yet? I don't think I did. It was the coolest thing! They showed up around 3:30 and the light was moving into late afternoon and touched on them just so... looked like a Hudson River School oil painting... there were about 10 calves in the bunch and I went out to try and take pictures. Now don't get all excited on me ~ I don't know how to put pictures in my blog... I need to find out more about that tool photobucket I think it is??? I really am so clueless on that stuff. But anyway~
We were sizing the elk up against the horses we can see from the dining room and we think they are about the same size. I was afraid to let the dogs out but the elk weren't leaving so finally I did and surprisingly my young-un, Kahn Sol (that is Korean for snow-flake) left them alone. He just ran out, did his business, and came back to the front door. Smart boy!

On Sunday we went and visited the Church of the Transfiguration. I think we may make that our church home while we are here in Colorado. The people were very friendly, Tim is comfortable because it is Episcopalian, and the church is very involved in the community. The only downer is that they seem to be lacking in "stay at home" mom stuff. Perhaps though if I bring that up they will try to accommodate me? I really, really miss my Bible Study girls from home.

After Church we went into Denver for Korean food. Ummm. Tim found the best Koean BBQ. A little different from a Mongolian BBQ kid of place. First off, its Korean and Korean food is its own kind of food. Secondly, you are still feeding the table with a family style meal and they bring out this meat that is marinated and you go ahead and cook it in what is like a shallow pit in your table. But they have all the traditional Korean side. I don't know what any of them are called but I love the spicy bean sauce and the pickled seaweed (really, its good!) and the pickled cucumber. And there is this sweet dish made with potato - yum!

The entire shopping area was owned by Koreans so we got the boys hair cut ~ long over due and R. got the best ever hair cut. And then we crossed the street to the Korean market "H mart" and bought sweetened seaweed snack, rice cakes (real stuff!) and a few other snacks that R. loves.

Afterwards I took K. to the mall for shoes. Her feet just keep on growing! We found super cute white sports shoes with a pink flower print on them, girlie but big girl and she loves them. I wish I could have a pair!

It was a fun busy day!

Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Colorado is a major FLU state...

Hmm... so Shawn had the flu two weeks ago and ever since Maggie has been seriously fighting SOMETHING! And Izzy has an ear infection as of Tuesday and Tim pretty much collapsed after getting his sister from the airport on Thursday. I have pretty much lost all bedside manner and wish they would all just be QUIET! Not very nice. I know.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

School email

So here is one I've never gotten before...

This is a message from B. M. Elementary. Yesterday, as a safety precaution, the Sheriff's office contacted both schools at 3 p.m. to recommend that students not be allowed to walk home, as there was a mountain lion sighted between B. M. and B. Valley. Also, a reminder that the next PTA meeting is tomorrow, February 13, at B. Valley from 11:30 a.m. to 1 p.m.. Mike H. from the Sheriff's Crimes Against Children Unit will present important information around internet safety.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008


It is 8 pm and we can hear a yipping outside. At around 7:30 I was on the phone with Tim and saw an animal pass by my window. I called to the kids to make sure both dogs were in the house (they were) and then the kids spent 10 minutes with flashlights pointed outside trying to see said animal. I only saw its hind quarter as it went by, light colored matted fur. No idea what it was, around the size of a dog... and now we hear yipping... but I would have expected a coyote to look smaller even though I only saw it for a second.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

hmm... mindless mutterings...

Weird week - lots of barometric changes and I think that just really bothers me. You know when a storm is coming in and all of Williamsburg is cranky... except there have been HUGE daily changes up here this week and my body just cannot adjust...
Thursday night Rem was setting the table for dinner and he pushed a chair out of the way but only pushed it up on its front legs and then it rocked back and hit him in the face and knocked his head into the glass window behind him. Unfortunately he had a spoon in his mouth at the time so the spoon jabbed into the back of his mouth and traumatized his throat. Luckily is missed whatever large blood vessel/artery is back there and only just cut and bruised him. Very big owies. So I kept him home yesterday to keep an eye on it. Fed him ice cream.
Today Kathleen and Shawn are back up on the mountain skiing. They have a race tomorrow but we don't know if they are allowed to participate because Tim has not heard back from the association in charge of ski teams. We will see.
Kathleen wanted to bake yesterday, she has two more sample boxes to send out and 2 weeks of orders to gear up for... but the wind was blowing at over 20 miles an hour up here and Tim was sure the windows were flexing and so he wouldn't let the kids by the windows (and they face the kitchen) so she huddled with her siblings in a "safe zone" and drew and colored and stuff.
The fuse blew at one point and we were looking all over the house for the fuse box, it is outside. Why on earth would you put a fuse box outside in this state? Freezing cold and windy out there - I just don't get it.
but anyway -
Rem is currently playing "army base" with Maggie upstairs.
Rem was a total trooper yesterday about his throat. He listened when I said I didn't want him jumping around.
Rem was a trooper today about missing out on his ski date with Dad. I didn't want him jarring his throat.

Rem is very excited about Valentine's day. He is counting down the days.
Rem really likes his classmates here and is having fun.
Rem likes reading to me.

Izzy is destroying everything and I must go. I have the goal today of actually defeating the laundry pile and then finding all the mail and papers all over this house and organizing them.
HAHA! Good luck!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

So it is Wednesday

So it is Wednesday and I completely didn't do my "thank yous" for Remmy. Yikes! Been out of it ~ Tim worked again last weekend and it is really getting old. Maggie completely balked at preschool yesterday. She wanted to Nina and Mathew, friends from Virginia, and didn't want to be in Colorado anymore. Apparently her house is frightened without her and she needs to go take care of it.
We had a play date today at our house with 3 preschool friends and their siblings. Hopefully that will make tomorrow a little easier.
Depending on how Tim's day goes today we are trying to get out tonight. One of my friends from High School is a musician and is playing in a Night Club tonight in Denver. Hoping to go...
Kathleen's Kitchen is open and she is busy for the next two weeks. Very exciting. I need to get her to a bank this week to open an account.

Monday, February 4, 2008


Yesterday after church we went to the store for a few things and I threw in some graham crackers, premade icing (I NEVER use premade icing except for this) valentines day m&ms, peanut m&ms and conversation hearts.
Upon arriving home we made "gingerbread houses" for Valentine's day. We have issues with building sound structure - we always do - some times we just make "cookies" and slather the graham cracker with icing and decorate. Maggie chose this option. Kathleen had quite an elaborate house going but the weight of the roof kept collapsing the building. This lead to a discussion of stone cathedrals and flying buttresses and how the load goes out to the side instead of straight down... it was fun because she was interested and because she could see it working. So Kathleen's Valentine's house is decorated to extreme with m&ms and supported with flying buttresses :)
Today it is snowing that gorgeous slow, steady, big snow. I want to go for a walk in it and then curl up and read a book. If I am lucky I will get to come back and spend a winter here in Colorado after all the kids are old enough to go to school...

Saturday, February 2, 2008


Shawn, Rem, Maggie and I saw our first elk today. There were 8 of them in an open space chowing down as we returned from the store. It had just started snowing and they had jsut a touch of white on their backs, heads bent to the ground. We passed them quickly and Maggie didn't see them so I turned around and drove back. There was a bit of a shoulder on that stretch of road for me to pull over; but the elk all raised their heads and stared at the car. I guess moving vehicles don't bother them but stopped ones do. Anyway - we decided to leave them to their dinner but it was neat.

Tag ~ love from Christie and Michele


I was tagged by Christie and Michele

Here's how you play: once you've been tagged you have to write a blog with 4 random facts, habits or goals about yourself. At the end choose 4 people to be tagged; list their names and why you tagged them. Don't forget to leave them a comment saying "you're it!" and to go read your blog. You cannot tag the person that tagged you, so since you can't tag me back let me know when you are done so that I can go read your blog answers.

1. I plan on participating in 3 "Boutiques for the Soul" a month in Feb., March., and April to maintain my "DM" with Arbonne.
2. I am trying Arbonne's "Figure 8" products in conjunction with rowing again and I'm seeing results :) will post in a bit.
3. I am researching "income property" near ski resorts.
4. I'm going out to the store to buy some folders to organize the never ending paper pile, an extention cord with extra outlets for the lizard (we haven't gotten all his lights and heaters plugged in yet), a scale, and some socks for the 9 year old.
Now ~ 4 people to tag...
my sister (lovely! Annice you must visit!) which is sure to be a good resource for my family as well as anybody else willing to widen their perspective

It is only 8:35 AM!

Tim was up at 5 this morning to take Kathleen up to Keystone to Ski Practice. Happily Kathleen really likes the other kids and really likes skiing and is (so far) putting up with the early morning Saturday routine. Shawn stayed home as he missed an entire week of school due to what appeared to be the flu. I am making a late breakfast and Shawn, Rem and Maggie have been enjoying the slow morning. Except for Rem's potty mouth. It is a kindergarten thing - I know - but Maggie cannot go to preschool and say these things! Rem has been asked to stop. Twice. The second time he started laughing at me. Not a smart move. He is now cleaning toilets... I figure it is more humane than the old soap in your mouth thing - and more productive as well. He may still have a potty mouth but I will at least have a clean potty.

Friday, February 1, 2008

Wow - almost missed it!

Hurry hurry they will be home any minute!
Today I am grateful for Rem's enthusiasm
I am grateful for his passion - he either really likes or really hates he is rarely lukewarm and I like that
I am proud of the puzzler in him - he is amazing with puzzles - he was putting train tracks together when he was 2!