Saturday, April 26, 2008

Argo Gold Mine and Mill

On our way to ski we pass gold mills and we keep saying we are going to go check them out...

finally(!) we did

Friday afternoon - we headed up I-70 West to Idaho Springs home of several mines - to check out the Argo mine. I show up with my five kids and the girl at the cash register takes a quick look but doesn't say anything. We pay for me and the older two and head into a room to receive a lecture and watch a slide show. Oh dear. To my amazement Dragon manages to pay attention and stay out of trouble. M-Lyons gets bored a bit but isn't too bad. The information is fascinating.

The history of the mine begins with a mountain man making camp and finding gold in the sand bar of the river (don't ask me what river I have no idea) and so panning started and then digging started. We get to see some good demonstrations and take a bus ride up the hill to the mine. The mine is closed but here is a tunnel we are allowed to explore and the mill itself. It was really cool and I suggest it to anybody.

Afterwards they have troughs set up to simulate gold panning and our guide demonstrated for the kids. They would have stayed for hours but it was cold!!

and I wrote about it for AC

Friday, April 25, 2008

random ramblings

The kids camped out last weekend. It was cold! The tent has been up in the yard all week waiting for tonight but we are supposed to have thunderstorms so they are camping in the basement instead.

Had pilates again today. Been doing it for maybe 4 weeks now. WOW! I feel SO STRONG! I think everybody should do this. It would be so good for any athlete, and any woman who has been pregnant ever...

and suddenly I'm nodding off.
hmm... clean up the kitchen and into bed!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Rockin' Style of M ~ Lyons


It is FINALLY getting warm and sunny and M~Lyons is looking stylish in her sun dress, snow boots and bike helmet...
"They all match mom!"
well yes, they are all pink

Friday, April 11, 2008

it is snowing again... absolutely gorgeous out. It is. But I'm feeling penned in. So I think we are having a beach party in the living room tonight, we bought pineapple and strawberries and blueberries... and we are going to wear out bathing suits and "be at the beach" hahah!
This morning Kathleen and I saw two Coyotes... first time I"ve seen them. We've heard them but not seen them till now. Very cool.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Jurassic Ridge

Well, on ethe way into Denver on I-70 you pass through "Jurassic Ridge" so the kids and I went out Sunday afternoon to see what we could see. i was expecting something cool ~ I mean the name implies right?
We hiked a bit, myself, K-Bear and Tiger and the dog. Straight up it felt like. Yeesh, I'm still such a "flat lander!" I cannot breathe! Anyways, scenery was gorgeous and it was a fun hike but no dinosaur anything...
Came home and googled it. Apparently there ARE tracks or something bt we were on the wrong side of the highway. There is a visitors center with maps and things... I think we'll have to make another attempt!

Spring in the foothills

Snow, snow and more snow. As rain is to Williamsburg this time of year so it seems snow is to the foothills... The elk have been a daily fixture lately, we see them often in small groups or huge groups, enjoying the first bits of green grass starting to show themselves. Last night I heard coyotes yipping behind my house - quick look around to make sure both dogs were safely inside!
There is a race at A-Basin this weekend. I believe Tim, K-bear, Tiger and my Dragon will all be racing.
Dragon has been having a tough time at home lately. It would seem that by loving me he is feeling disloyal to his birth mom. We had a long talk tonight. I tried to be as open and understanding as possible. I did ask him if I loved K-bear did that mean I didn't love M-Lyons? If I loved Bitsy does that mean I don't love K-bear? Can I love them all at once? I think he is 'chewing' on it.
M-Lyons has been quite the baker lately. We've baked several batches of cookies. Of course mom is in the middle of a sugar craving (it seems to go hand in hand with a psoratic outbreak) so it easy to convince mom to bake.

My Attitude...

So I was feeling a bit of attitude over something somebody said to my baby girl about her birth mom...

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Haha! They published me~