Friday, May 30, 2008


Craziest thing...
Yesterday the kids and I went into Denver to watch our friend Luke Arkell in Christian Youth Theater's Production of "Your A Good Man Charlie Brown."
The play was great! Luke did a great job and I was so pleased that the show kept all the kids attention. They loved Snoopy and Woodstock and the performers really did a good job.
On the way there, however, I was in the right hand lane of a highway around Denver. A green vehicle came flying up in the fast lane, cut me off, and pulled off the road in such a way that required me to slow down. Okay... whatever... maybe someone in the car was ill or something. Except, once they got off the road they accelerated. There was a section of guard rail on the right, so they were on the right of it in the gravel and grass, and I was on the left of it in what is the right hand lane of the road. They accelarated and I started trying to find a way out, slowing down and checking left but there was a car there... anyway they turned to pull back onto the road, misjudged, and hit the guard rail. If the guard rail hadn't been there they would have hit my car. Pieces of wood flying everywhere -

Ahhh we are on our way...

So after too many nights staying up, organizing, packing and being bossed around by my husband... we are on our way. I spent this morning keeping Izzy and Maggie out of the way as the rental house was deep cleaned by a GREAT group of girls... crazy... I cannot stand working with this cleaning business. The owner and who ever she has running the office cannot get their act together. And then they promise whatever it is the client is asking for even thought they know they may not be able to deliver. It drives me nuts. So the girls showed up over an hour late this morning. It got to where the office manager wouldn't answer her phone when I called (I only called once and an hour later she wouldn't answer - so at this point I'm totally ticked off...) but anyway the girls showed up and they were great. But I spent 3 hours keeping the small ones out of the way... and then the carpets needed to be cleaned... so I'm tired, from managing small ones. BUT - the big kids had a great last day of school and we are in the hotel.
I get to hang out here for another week and try to maintain my sanity. But that is another story for another day...
in the meantime I have psoriasis plus sunburn (ow!) from keeping Maggie and Izzy outside...

Thursday, May 29, 2008

NASCAR competition

So another WAHM has entered the NASCAR small business competition.
I went ahead and voted for her and then wondered - I bet DataXstream would qualify and they would look really cool on the back of a race car!
So I brought it to Tim's attention.
If you would;
please click on the link (or copy and paste it)
and vote for DataXstream.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


what is wrong with this child's brain????
We are packing-
we are moving in less than two days-
I send one out with random seeds to throw into the yard for birds...
we have 1/4 a bag of oatmeal that we need to dispose of so I take M-Lyons up stairs to get shoes and socks on and her brother is waiting for her with oatmeal to disperse to birds/elk/deer and I come down stairs and a different boy has oatmeal all over the floor...
not be cause he spilled it by accident - because it looked like fun to play with - in the friggin house


and I notice I didn't offically get anything in about the trip to Moab - so things will be out of order but whatever...

packing, packing, packing...
I spent my younger life moving... but packing was a no-brainer... my mom sent us to a friends, the moving truck came, and voila we were packed.
Here I am packing, with a 3 year old and an 18 month old "helping" a 10 year old who doesn't want me messing with her stuff, a husband who changes our departure plans daily and a son who wants to have one more friend from school over...
and another son who is being refreshingly undemanding at the moment...

my last pilates class was a minute ago.
I am a total believer and cannot wait to get in touch with the pilates studio back "home"

okay - off to get water...
and pack some more
things in my brain as I pack
need to do some Estrogen Dominance writing... girls it matters!!!
need to do some aromatherapy writing... it helps!
oh and for kicks the little girls and I took a break at bath time and rubbed peppermint scrub on our feet and followed with peppermint lotion. I am psoriasised out from my feet all the way up... and yay me.. peppermint lotion did not bother my legs... they still feel nice and tingly.
good stuff!!!

Sunday, May 25, 2008

I-70 West

It is Friday and we are driving west on I-70.
I am loving the red rock mountains, covered in green brush against a storm blue sky. We are following a river. I am going to have to look at a map because I have no idea what rive we are following. Sometimes I am amazed at my lack of geographical knowledge.
M-Lyons is expressing concern that it is getting dark. She is such a complicated little kid. One minute so confident and seemingly care free but so easy to pop all that bravado. K bear was often like this…
When we passed through White River National Forest we were in quite the hail storm. It was amazing, huge rock walls on either side of the river, a train winding its way through the pass along with us, and thunder and lightning while hail rained down on us. Completely awe inspiring.
On the other side the mountains are so different from the side of Rockies that we are on.. The landscape looks to m like new Mexico.
There are more flat land areas with horses, cattle and farms. A lot more agriculture than on our side. Still plenty of mountain and scruffy low trees and shrubs. Lots of rock… just different…

Friday, May 23, 2008

Joseph Davis, President US TallShips Inc

Skip thinks all Americans should experience life on a boat; and to take it a step further he wants to mingle International students with American students, throw in the latest in technology and media, and offer goodwill assignments at each port.

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Thursday, May 22, 2008

M-Lyons...the blogger

it is WAY past bedtime and my 3 year old "M-Lyons" does not want to sleep. She is staying up to make sure her daddy does come home and to hang with mommy. She is sitting next to me with a pocket sized Bible, and an old key board, alternately fipping through her Bible ("God Book" Mommy) and reading and then typing madly. Hmm... at least she has a Bible...
Daddy just arrived.
Perhaps we will get her to bed now...

I have become a total pilates groupie!

Katie Nelson is my pilates instructor - and she rocks. Really. Thanks to her I don't wake up sore every morning. Thanks to her I can stand straight! Thanks to her I'm beginning to get core muscles that I swear I thought were gone forever.

She teaches classic pilates. With machines to support you and help isolate muscle groups. She really really pays attention to your body and how it works and feels and if she is pushing too hard or not enough. She pays attention to how the muscles are engaging so she can make sure she is using the right ones. I think it is just the coolest thing ever!

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Fun and Cute Give Away for Summer

Lisa is a MUIB member and I love her bling...
she is having a giveaway for July 4th - check it out!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Swimming with the Fish at the Denver Aquarium

10 year old talks about snorkeling in a tank at the Denver Aquarium. Her favorite animals in the tank were the nurse sharks and the sea turtle.

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Friday, May 16, 2008

My Friend Aisha

please visit the MUIB blog for a profile on Aisha...

MOST the movie

this is a live action short - it won awards in 2003 and 2004it is a fantastic film - filmed in Czech Republic and Poland - about a father and son and the meaning of love and sacrifice

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Thursday, May 15, 2008

That Dog!

Kahn Sol was "lost" today for... oh... 6 hours or so. Not too terribly long except he is supposed to be beginning his journey to Virginia with Matt and Wes tonight, and it was snowing heavily when he took of around 10 AM and I figured he'd been ht by a car. I emailed Tim and he emailed back, "do you think he got eaten?" WHAT!?! Nice.
The dog was found by the three school aged kids when they came home from the bus. Next to the bus stop is a tennis court - he was stuck in there.
Whether he did that on his own or a neighbor got sick of him I'm not sure. But... there he was... s he came home with the kids. Thank goodness.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Christie Silvers, Paranormal Romance Author

An interview with Christie Silvers in regards to her first novel, A Midnight Infatuation

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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

less a hermit crab...

Well it seems we are less one hermit crab... I suppose I shall have to change my blog title! Poor strawberry seems to have succumbed to the general neglect - I think the biggest issue is how quickly the sponge dries up here. I checked this morning - I try to check every few days as those "in charge" of caring for animals often don't and as usual the sponge was dry, so I watered it. But when I picked up "Strawberry" to place it on the sponge it sort of fell out of its shell. How nice. One dead crab...

Gutatte Psoriasis - red spots on my face

every so often I get smacked upside the head by the ugly fairy and her nasty ugly stick. due to a recent strep throat infection I have had a rather bad outbreak. things to know about ugly red spots...

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Saturday, May 10, 2008


It is Saturday; May 10th (I think!) and 9:something A.M. very windy outside and I look out my kitchen window and there are snow flurries blowing about. WHAT?!?

Today's activities will include:
A Fancy Nancy Tea Party; we just happen to have some chocolate cake mix in the pantry and sprinkles. M~Lyons will be baking shortly and creating invitations and decorating the table and everything else in that book!

K-Bear and her father are on their way to Denver. K-Bear's BIG present (in lui of a birthday party) is to go swimming with the fish in one of the Denver Aquarium tanks. We hope it is as exciting as it sounds.
I can't go :-( I still have way too many open sores on my skin... very sad. poor mommy.

BUT - I went shopping yesterday and bought matching bras and panties for the first time in 10 years. YAY FOR ME!
And went poking around "Neiman Marcus Last Call" and found a perfect for me black sweatshirt style hoodie by "Prada" I feel so very chic!!!

Tiger and Dragon are already in separate isolation as I'm sick of listening them be nasty to each other. I suppose in a bit I shall relent and it will be x-box all morning...

Bitsy is wandering around emptying cupboards as usual.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Rainbow kids, a non adopted sibling's perspective

please read and pass it on;
very well done.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008


I stumbled out of bed this morning and was on my way to the coffee pot when my morning was shattered. On the landing, at the bottom of the stairs, laying in ambush, was a metal matchbox style airplane. I stepped on it with my right foot and it ripped a hole in my husband's sock (which I'd stolen as I didn't have any clean ones) and actually punctured my foot!
OMG! OW! OW, Ow Ow!!!
I don't know if the location of the puncture is the ball of the foot exactly, it is that slightly indented area next to the meaty part of the ball of the foot that goes with my big toe. Definitly in the striking part of my foot if I was landing a front kick though.
Anyway; I hobbled over to the kitchen, and I began the morning worship ritual of my ancestors only substituting Starbucks for Maxwell House, and found a band-aid. I then hobbled back up the stairs and not so gracefully, nor so sweetly, pulled two sleeping young men out of bed and threatened their very being if there was one scrap of metal on the floor by breakfast.

Monday, May 5, 2008

MIS - graphic artist and photographer

MIS can be found on deviant art as well as running her own web sites.She is a young and up and coming graphic artist/photographer full of life and energy with a love of the female form. Check her out!

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Erin McGee Ferrell

Erin McGee Ferrell has been painting in oils for years. I caught up with her recently to discuss painting, art, and life balance (she is a wife and mother to three). Check out her webpage, she is an artist you'll hear about down the road and wish you'd bought from her while you could afford it!

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Catching up with Ben Jordan

Ben Jordan is a songwriter, singer and musician. We went to high school together and got together over dinner and a beer to see what he's been up to for the last 19 years, and what makes him a songwriter you should listen to. He is all about the story -

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Saturday, May 3, 2008

Crazy Day

Wow - crazy day today... K-Bear spent the night at a friends last night. I am so glad she got invited, she was so excited. M-lyons took a alte nap so I let the whole gang stay up late - like 10PM late! Lyons of course didn't want to sleep with out Bear in her room so I set her up in Tiger's bed; told her she was the princess in the castle and then Tiger and Dragon each put a sleeping bag on the floor on either side. How cute!
Today we picked up Bear around 10 and hustled over to church for her to be a in a rehearsal for the confirmation ceremoy this afternoon. I brought home vestments and ropey things to wash for the priest. I really like the priest. We got home after 12 and had to be back at the church by 2:30 - that was a little tight. Poor Bear got dropped off because Bitsy and Lyons were asleep in the car... I have vestments in the dryer and ropy things in pillow cases in the washer...
supposed to be done when I go back for Bear but that is in 20 minutes - not gonna happen. UGH!

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Interviews at AC

So... people have been telling since I was about 12 "you know the most interesting people" which is true - I do!
So since I had started writing on AC for the fun of it I decided to do an "interesting person" interview series... MIS, Melissa Smith, was my first victim. She is a graphic artist & photographer. Erin McGee Ferrell is my second, she is a painter. I just finished writing up Ben Jordan, song writer, singer, musician. My next one should be Christie Silvers, writer. And then I'm trying to pin down my cousin Blaine - a boxer in Brooklyn. After that... well we will see, I have a list of possibilities...

so this is the first one...
MIS, Melissa Smith a friend from Less Than Traditional Moms

May 1st - it is snowing...

So it is snowing AGAIN!
How does this happen? I mean, it is MAY! Poor Shawn was supposed to have a field trip into Denver today to go to the zoo and it was canceled. I can't believe it! I think we have 6 inches outside.
Yesterday Maggie and Izzy and I played in the yard - on the swing set that the next round of renters had erected in the yard - we got pink cheeks! And today snow ~ crazy!
So... we have 30 days left. Trying to make the most of it...