Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Backyard Pyros

So this afternoon I was on the phone and unloading the dishwasher and in runs my next door neighbor to let me know that my two boys and his brother were down in the swamp trying to start a fire. Uh - huh.
"What are they using?" I want to know. "Two sticks and some rocks." he answers. Well, alright then. That'll take a while. I finish my phone conversation (my friend thinks I'm crazy) and then head out to have a look.
They were taking a break and were in the neighbor's yard on the trampoline. I ask about the fire thing... are they done with that? No.
So the older boy - J. - explains how they cleared some dirt and built a ring of rock and it will be contained. Not bad for a 7/8 year old.
I explain that the swamp is Colonial Williamsburg's property and if by chance they do actually get a fire going we could get into a lot of trouble.
Hmm... he thinks about this. Well, the drive way is an option but his mom would "freak." Which, he explains, was why he wanted to do it in the woods to begin with.
"I see your point." I say.
We strike a deal. They can work on creating fire in MY driveway and I promise not to freak if they promise to call me as soon as they get the fire started.
This kept all four of them busy from 2PM to 5PM this afternoon. With water breaks and snack breaks in between. Seriously.
After dinner they come back over with their dad, who tells them to get a pile of old leaves and twigs and they try again. But it has been awhile (maybe 20 years?) since he has done this and after 10 minutes he decides they need a block of wood with a hole for the stick... he tells the boys he will get that together and they can try again tomorrow...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Hmmm... trying to tell me something?

So Bitsy was in the tub and I was unpacking and checking in and unpacking... in the time it took to hang two of Tim's shirts Bitsy had made a nice poopy in the tub and proceeded to throw it out of the tub and all over the floor. I look forward to the day when she finally talks and simply says "Mommy I made a poopy and it is yucky." UGH!

I'm home!!!

We arrived home two days ago - Tim wanted to get around Manhattan early so we left the Cape at 2 AM hit the George Washington Bridge at 6 on a Friday. Busy but moving steadily. Hit Williamsburg by 2 PM. WHEW!
Dropped the five off at Tim's mothers and started moving furniture. The floors have been refinished and where there used to be carpet in the bedrooms there is now hardwood. Beautiful.
I have spent the last two days moving furniture up and downstairs - I have lifted enough to make a football coach proud. I am tired!
We got almost everything up but I can't lift the ardmoire for my bedroom. Grrr.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008


What is the deal?
It is 12:45
I'm having a hard time falling asleep... too much vacation and I just want to go HOME! but anyway
I went to see "Sex and the City" with Robin and Pat and Jo. Ah loved it. I am not a fan of the show - never watched it - would have been totally lost if it was all about the show but it was great. The clothes were great. Okay I'm tired and not writing well. The clothes were amazing.
Between the Devil wears Prada and Sex and the City I am reminded of how much I really do like clothes. But anyway -
I am awake. First because Bitsy wouldn't settled and second because M-Lyons peed in her bed. M-Lyons has been doing this since Colorado. WHY DID HER DAD PUT HER TO BED WITHOUT A PULL UP??? And why did her dad not move a muscle when poor K-Bear came upstairs in search of a grown up? GRRRR

Monday, June 16, 2008

Presidential Trail: Family Trip to Mount Rushmore National M

During our road trip East from Colorado to MA, we stop at Mount Rushmoe National Monument and walk the Presidential Trail

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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Yay for Cape Cod

So we are here!


We made it Friday, saw my Aunt & Uncle and Mother. My cousin Robin stopped by and my cousin Andrew has been in town for the wedding and to see us. Robin has three kids who were over and she had her niece as well. All nine small ones running around. Crazy!

The wedding yesterday was lovely and everyone looked great and the ceremony was really nice. Afterwards was a very Cape Cod"y" lawn/house reception. I have pics posted on my space... go look.

I had ordered suits for the boys from Talbots - so CUTE! seersucker - and dresses from the girls from I think the Children's Boutique. They never arrived. I get to call them tomorrow and have a chat. Oh joy. So I ran around Orleans and Chatham looking for dresses. But I found absolutely gorgeous ones and so it all worked out. Plus I have a new favorite store. Woohoo.

My Uncle Jon is the coolest. He brought a bat and ball to the reception and organized the kids (9 of them between the ages of 10 yrs ad 2 years) into a baseball game. The bride and groom both played at some point. Today he showed up for dinner with a long rope and taught my kids to jump rope. My mother went out and jumped eleven times and challenged me... hah! I jumped 30 and then my pants were slipping down so I quit. My second attempt I made 35, so there mom.

Andrew hung out after dinner for a bit. It was really nice to sit and talk with him. He is a good sport and put up with sitting and listening a lot - my husband talks a lot. :) But it was fun.

At the wedding reception I got to talk to my cousin Colin and his wife Julie. More to Colin actually. But anyway - I am totally excited to learn that he opened up a gym two weeks ago. Two weeks ago!!! When I was in High School he was talking about it and then at some point he had a business plan and everything all worked out and it fell through. I'm so psyched that he has finally gotten there! YES! If he can do it so can I - I will have my art work up and running one of these days and galleries representing me. I will.

Free Factory Tour at Hammond's Candies, Denver Colorado

While in Denver we checked out the Hammond's Candies tour... yum!

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Five Kids at the Denver Zoo

We were in Denver for a week and visited the Denver Zoo with an 18 month old, 3 year old, 6 year old, 7 year old and 10 year old.

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Leaving Wisconsin...

We have been crashing with good friends from when we lived in Fond du Lac.
I stopped by my Aunt Ethel's old house on 23, and talked with Bob. Sadly his roommate, my old friend, John died 2 years ago of Lymphoma. Bob is cleaning out both houses, John was given Ethel's house, and apparently many of Ed and Ethel's things are still in the house. That is a shame, Ethel would be so sad by that!
Yesterday the kids and I went by St. Charles Semetery with flowers. I wanted to locate the other Fitzgerald's but Maggie wasn't in the mood...
We played at LeAnn & Dave's got to see Timmy and met and played with the dogs. It has been a really nice break in our road trip.
Tim has been in San Diego so this evening I'm driving to Chicago and then in the morning I'll get the kids up and in the car bright and early to meet Tim at O'Hare at 5 AM. Oh joy.
We should be in Eastham by Friday evening...

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Update on Aisha's Food Bank Project!

I went to the store today and got 50 bucks worth of box food- cans and stuff for 15 bucks... ALL GOING TO THE FOOD BANK OF NC. I made the pledge of 10 cans- and i delivered... and with the guesses from you lovely ladies... i was able to get more... So lets keep it going... I will post more info of the items for sale that profit will go to the the cause...

My goal is 100 dollars- 200 pieces of food... so please.... help.. you can donate with out guess if you like. If you like fliers to post at places or online let me know i will be glad to give it to you...

Aisha - Take a Guess and help the food bank of nc. click here for more info
www.giftsforallnc. com
www.shopsbymoms. com
moms united in business


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Post Adoption Depression: My Story

as an adoptive mom, a story of initial struggle with PAD

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Aisha'a blog contest for the food pantry

Aisha has a contest going - a dollar to play - and she is using it to benefit the food pantry...
check it out:


Practical joke on Daddy...

So as usual Tim was way too late getting home from work.
The kids were keeping an eye out the hotel window for him... and there was much commotion (as usual) upon "Dad sighting."
Being tired and sort of grouchy I decided that instead of meeting him with my "where the heck have you been?" attitude we would be silly instead.
We sent Dragon to "sit in time out" and wait for Tim.
The rest of us scooted down the hall to the vending machine area to hide. Stiffling giggles the kids did a good job staying hidden... although M-Lyons kept hiding behind the Coca-Cola machine (somehow this doesn't sound like a good idea) and Tiger kept sticking his head out to see if he could see his dad.
Tim managed to walk past us without noticing and knocked on the door. Dragon called "who is it?" and then opened the door for his dad. Tim wanted to know where we all were and Dragon answered "Mom left to get the kids dinner. I'm in trouble so she left me here for you."
Tim totally believed him. HAH!
We came around the corner a few minutes later.
I cannot believe he thinks I would leave a 6 year old alone in a hotel room... not that I've never thought about it...

Monday, June 2, 2008

Denver Zoo...

Don't you always wonder who is entertaining who? Does the Leopard find Dragon's song and dance interesting? Is the Jaguar perking up his ears because Bitsy looks tasty? The Mongoose in general ignore us...

We bought a family pass so that we can go back in the mornings several days this week. Before it gets too hot!!!

I saw an advertisement for a tour a Celestial Seasonings in Boulder, which I would love to go on, I grew up drinking their tea. BUT - children 5 and under are not allowed on the tour. So that is that.