Friday, July 25, 2008

Gutatte Psoriasis - red spots on my face

every so often I get smacked upside the head by the ugly fairy and her nasty ugly stick. due to a recent strep throat infection I have had a rather bad outbreak. things to know about ugly red spots...

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Dinner with Wess of Hak.5

Wess works with my husband, he is a great guy who happens to be part of Hak.5 a popular IPTV show.

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Grove Christian Outreach Center - Campaign

Grove Christian Outreach Center
I am not sure what the official definition of "grove" is. But if you drive on 60 East from Williamsburg you will first pass what was the Anheiser Bush Brewery (they just sold it) and Bush Gardens and then you reach James River Elementary and then across from the school is a trailer park and in the trailer park is a church and outreach center. These are my neighbors; my kids go to school with the kids in this community; 18% of the children in this community are "below poverty level." 40% of the households in this community have an annual income of $25,000 per year or less. The outreach center provides: Food Pantry, Bread N More Wednesdays, USDA TEFAP Food Distributor, Lunch Twice Weekly, CLothes CLoset, Finanial Assistance (Power bills, Rent and Medicine), Transportaion to Medical Appointments, School Supply Closet, Gas Voucher Progaram, "Shoe Bos Gifts For Kids" at Christmas, Backpacks for Kids at Back to School, Distribution of Appliances & Furniture, Distribution of Refurbished Computers to Students, Online Food Stamp Application Assistance.

Currently they operate out of a trailer in the trailer park which is too small. They have an acre down the road and have begun a Capitol Campaign to raise 1.9 Million Dollars to build a building with a kitchen, offices, storage for donations, community room and other needs.

For more information please see:

donations are greatly appreciated
fund raising ideas are greatly appreciated
volunteers are always needed
prayers are always needed


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Pickens Plan is Great News for Inventors

In the past couple of weeks, billionaire oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens has been saturating the media with his plan to wean the United States off of our dependence upon foreign oil. This is great news for inventors that need funding for alternative energy projects.

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Monday, July 21, 2008

Being totally hypocritical as usual but...

I wish I could say I was a hard liner about the allergy thing. If Dragon can't eat peanuts, eggs and beef then nobody does. But Tigers favorite food is peanut butter and Bear needs her meats - she literally seems weaker when she doesn't get them. But I try to do it so that RARELY does everybody except Dragon have one meal with Dragon getting some substitute on the side. Tonight we had regulars show up with cupcakes and immediately announce to Dragon - well they have peanuts in them so you can't eat them but we brought you peaches. UMMM... Dragon is 6 - huge heavily frosted cupcakes with sprinkles verses a peach cup. Why do I not think this is even close the equivalent. And then they add, "we didn't' have time to get you your own special treat." Okay - I just admitted I don't hard line on if Dragon can't have it nobody can have it - but this seems just a little extreme to me...

Sunday, July 20, 2008

slumber party

too too cute!
We live in a large and roomy house, which is ridiculous. Kids are like puppies, they all want to be together. Quite often M-Lyons who is three crawls into bed with Tiger who is 7. Tonight, Tiger, Dragon and K-Bear were outside late and M-Lyons was already in bed. So we moved the "good night stories" by Jim Wiess into her room. Tiger did not want to go to bed without his good night stories but M-Lyons didn't want to switch rooms. So Dragon who is 6 got into bed next to M-Lyons (it is a queen) and then Tiger layed down width wise across the bottom of the bed. And Bitsy is in her crib. Way too cute! And silly, social workers require no more than 3 to a room and they are all in there together because they want to be.


Tonight I will eat you alive -
To all those dads out there that think I am a wound up control freak. The day you make it home every night to do dishes and put these kids to bed - and yes three of them need help with baths still - that is the day you can tell me "well I said it would be okay if they stayed out." I told them - 8 o'clock. I gave them 5 more minutes how many times so you wouldn't look like a wimp in front of the neighbor. Sorry boys. They will be out till ten tomorrow swimming and I've got two who won't make it. And did you ever factor in my sanity???
Everybody wants to know how I run this ship with a husband who is on the road - well let me tell you - I run it my fucking way. So get off the damn road or shut up.

Dinner with Wess

I called Wess to be my next victim in my "interesting people" series with AC. Wess is a great guy who I know as the guy who can do anything with a computer, who drove up to Fredericksburg at an ungodly hour to help me and my husband move my sister out of a bad living situation while she was in the hospital, who drove all my stuff to Colorado with my husband and helped unpack and who drove my dogs home to Virginia when my sanity was at breaking point and I needed my husband to stay home. So you could say, Wess is like a conscripted member of Tim's Army or you could call him a member of the family or just maybe and angel who helps me out an awful lot.
In addition to all that - and really being a bit of a rockstar at DXS - Wess is a founding member of hak.5. You don't know what that is? Me neither. I can't understand it AT ALL, at all. I don't get geek speak and Wess is so very cute about dumbing it down for me. But seriously, the guy is like friggin famous.
And I've been trying since to write up my little write up - but I'm obsessing a bit. Because I think DXS has maybe put Wess in a tight spot with hak.5 Tim has Wess in Denver a lot lately, and then for personal reasons Wess left the hak house, and then there is other stuff too going on which as you you'll notice I just wrote a whole posting about how I censor EVERYTHING and I'm already not as censored as I should be. But my read is that he is a little out of the whole hak.5 circle - which is horrible because it is his thing. He has said more than once that if he could live a good life and only do hak.5 he would. He is just really into it. He likes sharing what he knows, he has fun, he loves the community that has grown around it (they have groups and forums and people help each other out a lot) and it would seem at the moment that it is a little precarious and it is killing me because I have this idea that I am meant to be the world's big sister/fairy god mother and make it all right. And not only can I not - but perhaps I am someone who is somehow tied into why it isn't right. And this is really really upsetting to me. Like really. really really. Shit.

the whole public diary thing

So I have to say I prefer blogs in which people are a bit more candid than I usually am and they just let what ever is on their mind be out there. I obviously filter what I say - a lot - and even find myself deleting things off of twitter because of where it shows up and who knows who I am. Which is stupid, I mean it sort of defeats the point. And yet - what is the point? I can't have a public diary - I write about people and relationships because the puzzle that is people is fascinating. But some of those people actually read my blog and leave comments - crap! - so I can't just tell them what I really think now can I?
I think there should be a rule - if you work with some one then they are not allowed to be your social internet friends and they are not allowed to read your blog - and if you are friends with my family same deal - unless you promise to be on my side and just let me vent about things and not hold it against me or who ever I'm venting about - which brings me back to why this blog is always so friggin mundane - unless I'm off at the cowboy parade trying to get runover by long horns - or I'm freaking out about the mountain lion - the rest of it is just so... who gives a shit. You know?

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

HaHA! Success!

So! I am terribly pleased with myself!!!
Baked Zucchini went over well ~

I covered a pan with olive oil
cut up one zucchini in thick slices
placed a layer of zucchini slices in the pan
covered the layer with ritz crackers mixed in with pepper, garlic, a hint of rosemary and oregano
covered that with spaghetti sauce out of the jar
covered that with mozzarella
bake for 30 minutes at 350

we liked the thicker slices as it cooks up "al dente" which we all agreed was better than mushy
served with penne noodles on the side


so I was off and thinking earlier today about blogging and now I cannot remember what it was... isn't that just exactly how it goes? You think of something while scrubbing the kitchen sink, run off to swim practice, come home to sort laundry, feed them lunch, put some down for naps and can't think of a word! How do these mom writers, I mean the ones that write books! come up with anything after bed? They all say they write at night! AT NIGHT! Sorry, I'm asleep at night. We have a guest, Cooper, this week. He is in to visit Tim for company stuff and is staying in M-Lyons and Bitsy's room. Luckily M-Lyons is off at Tia's for some play time so it is just Bitsy being displaced. Why is it that my husband thinks my house is okay to use for business anyway? Honestly - I'm over this. Nothing against Cooper though, I like him and have known him for a long time and he enjoys the kids. he also deals incredibly well with my husband and is a calming voice when things get dicey. I over heard comments about someone and it will be interesting to watch it develop. But anyway.
So let me see, I'm off to experiment in the kitchen with zucchini instead of eggplant - I HATE eggplant - but it seems to have been a good summer locally for summer squash. So can one make a zucchini parmigiana? Who knows!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Ross E Mulhare USAF Pilot

Ross E Mulhare USAF PilotDied July 11, 1986 in the Stealth F-117 A Ross was a pilot who died in his aircraft at the age of 35. A daughter remembers her father...

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How Californians See America

this is too funny!

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The Truth About Plastic

The U.S. produced 28 Million tons of plastic waste in 2005 - 27 million tons of which ended up in landfills. Our food & water come wrapped in plastic. It's used in our phones and our computers, the cars we drive and the planes we ride in. But the infinitely adaptable substance has its dark side.

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Long Day with Swim team

Yesterday was a long long day - we had swim team in the morning, and then a swim team get together of bowling. $5.00 a kid to bowl and have 1 piece of pizza except I have 5 kids... luckily two are small enough not to bowl but they want to eat! It is frustrating to be at these settings... we never ate pizza and always packed our own food growing up. We packed our own food if we went hiking or to Disneyland... and trying to explain to my kids that we aren't in bad shape financially but we don't choose to purchase over priced (and usually less than well made) food isn't easy. They just want to be with their friends. Since when did kids entertainment get so pricey? And while I'm on the topic - what is with the birthday parties these days? They are more elaborate than a graduation party would have been 20 years ago!!!
And then off to the swim meet where I worked as a "timer." And again I'm getting bombarded by requests to go to the concession stand. "Um... hello guys. You know that Turkey Burger and corn you ate before we left... that was dinner. We spent Mommy's cash to bowl." Good grief. But the swim meet went well and Tiger actually swam for points - good stuff! K-bear continues to be much slower than everybody else so that gets to be disappointing for her, but her technique is really good. Dragon I just pray doesn't drown, although he has gotten much stronger.

Friday, July 11, 2008

My Grand Aunt Ethel....

Remembering Ethel and Ed Malone

The above link with direct you to a little article I wrote regarding my great grand Aunt. I didn't know she even existed - and then two weeks after I was married my husband took a job in Fond du Lac WI. When my maternal grandmother, Kathleen Kinross Mulhare heard the news she wrote to me regarding her godmother, Ethel Fitzgerald Malone. Who resided in Fond du Lac. Shortly after moving there I wrote Aunt Ethel and introduced myself in a note. She called and invited me over for tea and we met in her wonderful, very green (minty green) parlor. I met my Aunt Ethel and my Uncle Ed. They were great people, well read, opinionated, energetic and passionate. I only knew them for a short time but my life will forever be enriched by the experience.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

not a good sign

it is day two of finding a laundry room full of dog urine - my Mali is not in good shape.
Come on Mali - hang on for a little longer!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Presidential Trail: Family Trip to Mount Rushmore National M

During our road trip East from Colorado to MA, we stop at Mount Rushmoe National Monument and walk the Presidential Trail

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Free Factory Tour at Hammond's Candies, Denver Colorado

While in Denver we checked out the Hammond's Candies tour... yum!

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Frances Johnston in Chatham, Massachusetts

Frances Johnston in Chatham, MassachusettsFormal Wear for Jr. Bridesmaid and Flower Girllast minute search for dresses leads to discovering a gem of a store

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For Ian with love

taking just a minute before the choas of today begins to remember my cousin,
who I knew as a little guy
when I stayed at his house during a summer art session at Parson's while his mom was pregnant with his brother.