Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I love rain

really I do
I like listening to the sound,
it is like a blanket
and reminds me of being little and making tents with sheets and hiding and being cozy with my brother and sister

and I like that it makes a wall
and lets me be introverted for a while, and I want a good book and a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and just to read and listen

and I actually like thunder,
maybe because my mother always made popcorn and we watched the lightning like a fireworks display
and I didn't find out until I had children that she was actually terrified
but didn't want us to know

and it is raining
and the girls and I made chocolate chip cookies and now they are taking naps

and I'm am feeling all cozy and somewhat
cat like


Monday, September 29, 2008

I sit in disbelief...

What are you people doing?

Did any of you actually tune in a listen to Bernanke the other day? Yes, I did. As a WAHM that is an opportunity I took advantage of. No I could not listen all day however I did get the gist of it. The gist of it was that the financial brains at the treasury have been studying this "bail out" thing for a bit. And the suggestions they put together, the most famous being the $700 billion to bail out ailing companies were not suggestions pulled from thin air. Very learned financial minds came up with this as their best shot.

view opinion piece

I forgot...

I forgot how exhausting all the running around is.
the starts and stops.
short spurts.
fighting to get toddlers out of the car
"Mommy I want to do it" when I dare to unbuckle her
fighting to get toddlers in the car
and now our little Bitsy is anti nap
sorry toots you are two.
at this house:
Two year olds either take naps
or scream in their cribs.
The list of "to do" keeps growing and seems to out live my starts and stops
my short burst
my running around
So I will complete my tasks from now until Nov.
and then no more.
no more running
no more short bursts
no more to dos.
not for a while.
I am done.

Friday, September 26, 2008

K-Bear won

so yes, I am one of those mothers who thinks my children are brilliant gifts to this earth and that you should all know every time they reach a goal, accomplish a task, use a utensil, blow their own nose. So sue me.

I have been involved in the 5th grade campaign for ambassador. Today I jumped through serious hoops to get her big roller board/white board with a poster attatched to school as her "prop" for her big speech. She did great! A little quiet but it was her first time addressing an assembly.

And she came running off the bus to announce "I am the new ambassador!" So she won.

So here is her speech:

Hi I’m "her name" and I’m running for the 5th grade ambassador. I’m responsible, experienced, and friendly.

Here let me explain.

In 3rd grade I went to Korea, and represented my family and my country.

In herp club I represent animals to students and adults.

In 4th grade I moved to Colorado for 6 months. So I know what it’s like being a new student.

I like meeting new people, and I’m not shy.

I have a lizard that is about 2 years old. He was this big when I got him. Mom thought I was going to kill him, but that never happened. And now he’s this big.

I’m a good student, and if I say I will do something then I will do it the best I can.

So VOTE FOR ME! K (name), the next 5th grade ambassador!

So it was cute and it was her....

Thursday, September 25, 2008

on the topic of adoption:

I sort of found this in one of those random, lets just click here, sort of things...
this is a gem, which I am posting here as much for my own future reference as for anything else.
It is in regards to reunions and birth families and adoption and it is beautifully done.


PETA Wants Ben and Jerrys To Use Human Breast Milk

Instead of using cow milk, PETA wants Ben and Jerry's Ice Cream makers to use human breast milk. I wonder if they consider the disease or drugs that can be passed through human breast milk?

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My friend Meg & Martha...

So my buddy Meg stops by here every now and then and I was just checking in to see what is new with her and I found this little tid bit:

Hi Martha! Martha! Over here! Yoo hoo! *frantic waving* Hi!
Dudes, I entered this contest today. Wish me luck!

So Meg, I wish you good luck!

And now I am off to make breakfast and after getting the kids on the bus, and running off to do errands, perhaps I too will enter the Martha blog contest. What fun!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Need your help~

So somebody is using my old blog name to spam people - if you search "ARBONNE AND PSORIASIS" you get my blog and on that you get reffered to sombodies site regarding knock off hang bags. But, in addition to that, they are posting to that address so that anybody who signed up to subscribe to "my pretty face ~ arbonne and psoriasis" has received their spam about handbags.
I am not exactly sure how to deal with it other than to post on my current blogs what is going on.
But I am wondering- if people read and comment on the new blog http://facepretty.blogspot.com if that will get it high enough in the rankings to show up so that I can get the word out? That hey, Arbonne made me chnge my blog title and my blog address - and I am not the handbag girl?

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Old Friends...

Yesterday I got to go to Franklin VA to visit with a friend of mine from college. It was great fun... we "walked down the hill" from her parents house to a place on Main Street and had BBQ sandwiches with cole slaw and beer. And tried to catch up... which meant much topic jumping as we hoped around from husbands, kids, jobs, locals, racism, old friends and so on.
MA lives in Zambia Africa right now. Her husband is in Foreign Service and she is in the United States for the birth of her son. Listen to how crazy this is: her son is her third child. For the birth of each of her kids she has flown at 7 or 8 months pregnant back to the United States to give birth here in the U.S. She and baby hang out for several weeks and then she flies back "home." So this time she flew home 8 months pregnant with her two girls (without her husband!) she said she was in the airport pushing the double stroller with the girls in it, with various bags hanging off of her shoulders and she actually had the car seat ON HER HEAD(!) because she had no other way to carry it. I think her girls are about 4 and 2 years old... about. Okay, I am one tough mommy but I don't even come close. MA is my choice of the mommy of the year award, and I think she is my choice for life. Good grief! So we had a great time chit chatting and I enjoyed seeing her parents (and they really do have this amazing old house built in the 1800s) and I got to meet her son. Her girls are already back in Zambia with their dad. He flew out for the birth and I am not sure exactly how long after he was able to stay and he traveled back with his daughters. MA says "I know my limits. I cannot fly 35 hours with the girls and a newborn."
Yeah, ya think?
I'm totally in awe of my friend.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

writing, blogging, rambling

The whole writing thing.

I went to school to be an artist yeah? Well actually, to be honest, I went to school to be a veterinarian. MHC had an outrageous acceptance rate to Vet School and even though to go to Tech's Vet school the undergrad of choice was VaTech; MHC had the most advanced Chem lab around shared by a whopping 10 or so Chem grads a year. I mean seriously - where else can a girl go to get that much lab time? And all was good until January when I went and did an J-Term internship at Noah's Ark Animal Hospital and realized that the Dr.'s spend most of their time in surgery and the job I liked was the hourly wage assistant job. They wash the animals, care for the animals in the kennel, help prep animals for surgery, and do all the fun stuff. You don't need to graduate H.S. for that job. Crud.

So I went back and switched majors to my other interest - Art; painting mostly and then fell head over heels in love with printmaking senior year. Kinda like senior year the track coach saw me run and pulled me over to demand an explanation as to why I'd never gone out for track. Seriously? I can run? What?

And then I graduated without a clue what to do.

And the point of this rambling, is that sometime in the last few months the whole blogging thing and writing for Associated Content thing, has been a total addiction and maybe I'm missing something in translation but maybe I ought to be writing more. Despite the fact that my writing is either in fragments or run on sentences and I've a total disregard for proper punctuation.

I saw Mrs. Fuchs out the other day... not sure if she doesn't recognize me or if she purposefully ignores old students... but she would no doubt write in red all over everything. You have to know her to get it. Mrs. Fuchs is a legend.

Holy Cow and lots of %$@! I am too tame...

So there is a blogger {The Daily Blonde }
that I somehow stumbled upon through twitter - most likely she added me and then I added her and anyway - she is funny - and her tweets usually amuse me.
Today she sent me to this blog...
specifically this blog post...
{okay not ME - but she tweeted it and like I said she is funny so I looked...}

and I realize
I am way too restrained
I have no idea what Google Bounce is
My husband would probably die if I stopped being restrained
But this is just too much fun!
Yeah, I did get around to that anonymous blog... but even on that I stay somewhat restrained just in case :-)

So Therapy For Tena - Bounce baby Bounce

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

stay out of my laundry pile

WHY IS IT SO HARD to leave my laundry alone???
I am OCD about the damn laundry. I know this. My husband knows this, my sisters know this, my mother knows this, my mother in law may not know it but probably suspects it... so why the hell do people keep trying to do my laundry??? I have a brand spanking new never been worn pair of jeans I just pulled out of the dryer (and yes that means I didn't do laundry yesterday) and I am now wasting my morning trying to rescue them because some engineer/computer genius put them in with the stickers still on the legs. HELLO!!! If you don't want me to waste the budget on my clothes then DON'T RUIN MY CLOTHES!

and no, I'm not PMS ing. This is the everyday me saying leave the laundry alone and go do the dishes. I am not OCD about the dishes... except the china, don't touch the china.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

'Vegas ~ so I get it now

Yeah, I went to Jr. High in Las Vegas Nevada. I attended 8th and 9th grade at Cannon Jr. High School. And then my dad died and we moved away... While I have memories of people visiting the city and us visiting them in various places (like the first time we lived there my dad was with the Aggressors and someone we knew came to town and stayed at Circus Circus...) and I get the concept of guys weekend in 'Vegas (raunchy but I get it) I never quite got why the girls went for a weekend.
Ah hah. I have been enlightened!
See below: photo taken on the walk way between the Palazzo and the Wynn directly across the street from the Fashion Show Mall. Now if only I could actually win some $$$ so I can go shopping...
and dining is excellent... this is taken from the Stratosphere
and hanging out by the pool isn't bad either...
and then not in pictures my friend Kim from 9th grade found me via FACEBOOK right before my trip and we had lunch and spent hours gabbing and shopping! AND I got to see my niece and nephews whose father is stationed at Nellis AFB where my dad was when I was my oldest nephew's age. They are all doing beautifully by the way. My niece gave me lots of hugs and lap time and my nephews were anxious to show me their coolest toys and wii-motes. They are brilliant funny kids.
Oh and SAP who hosted the conference had the Black Crows in... which was weird. A.) My ex-stepfather forbade music in our house in High School which on top of not having a TV means I have missed much of the whole pop culture experience of my peers and then it took me a while to grow out of it... so I had NO CLUE who the Black Crows are (totally true) B.) I was at a concert with a bunch of 30 something/40 something mostly men who had been in Techie seminars all day and it took them a LOT of Beer and 1/2 of the concert to loosen up but there was this guy in front of me who knew every song and every drum beat and every cool guitar piece and he was into it. So I fed off his energy and had fun any way.
And my hubby played groupie and took pictures with his ipod...

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Reposted from "MY PRETTY FACE"

On September 4th I posted this on my blog called "MY PRETTY FACE ~ ARBONNE AND PSORIASIS"

{I received a phone call from Arbonne International
Well, I am going to have to think about this. I received a phone call from Arbonne International. Apparently my blog has "come up" as not within Arbonne's compliance rules. I make medical claims regarding Arbonne International, psoriasis, and eczema. This is too bad. I didn't think I was making any medical claims. I have stated over and over again that I am not a doctor. I have shared my personal experiences with Arbonne International's products as well as my personal experiences with guttate psoriasis an ugly, painful condition that has taken a toll emotionally as well as physically. And this is in violation of Arbonne International's compliance rules. So I am in a quandry. I sell Arbonne International's products because they do not hurt me. If I am in violation for telling people that they do not hurt me - then I am not sure what the point is. I think I would rather not sell Arbonne and still be able to tell people with psoriasis and eczema about the product so that they have the information to make an intelligent choice, than sell it and not be able to help the people I wanted to help.
I am going to have to think about this for a while.}

I received 14 comments on the post, both encouragements to keep on with Arbonne as well as offers from others to join their companies as they like my enthusiasm and method of business.

While I am outrageously frustrated that I cannot keep the blog - and that I cannot link to and from my cailinyates.myarbonne.com website; me being frustrated is not going to change the rules and in reading the rules I have done quite a good job of breaking them. And I got caught. Bummer. I still like ARBONNE. A LOT. It is still the only stuff I can use on my face.

So, based on time constraints... my initial thought was to delete the other blog all together. But I think, with some good editing, it can still be useful to persons with psoriasis and eczema. I have posted some excellent links regarding psoriasis and eczema. The biggest issue is that because Arbonne is not medicated I cannot have a blog that could be interepreted as making medical claims. I find this assinine but it has been pointed out to me by persons involved in pharmacudicals that it is not Arbonne's rule. It is the FDA's rule. So... over the next several weeks I will be editing, deleting links and rebuilding. We will see how it goes...

Thursday, September 4, 2008

what was it called?

do you remember in English writing classes there was a name for just blurting out ideas and following train of thought as it randomly skipped about? Why can't I remember my vocabulary any more???
any - that term - of randomly skipping about - should be the title of this blog

I am heart sick that Arbonne want me to shut down my other blog

I just installed a counter yesterday - YESTERDAY - and 109 people have visited since then. WHO KNEW???

I saw an interesting twitter:

my twitter friend tucker says he should have warned me - huh? - all he twitters about are fields, family stuff and farming equipment and no I don't understand a word of the farming stuff but I dig his sense of humor

I seriously need to get my stuff together if I'm going on Vacation in 48 hours

I seriously need a vacation

I need to tell M-Lyons to be quiet and go to bed now...

I have a book brewing in my head and I figured out the main characters name - Robin - yay

and I wonder do fiction writers who say "this is a work of fiction, any resemblance to an actual person is coincidental and not intended" or whatever they say - are they just lying or do they really mean it? because some people are such characters you just have to write them in.

how badly would I get sued if instead i wrote "if you are self centered enough to believe a character is about you, and you are self delusional enough to believe you can prove it in a court of law, then I suggest you contact my lawyer at such and such" :-)

I'm just sayin'

so a relative sent me a forwarded, forward and so on... finding the original writer's info is next to impossible...

FW: Sarah Palin, by an Alaskan Voter

which was pretty much a smear - and a big commentary on how Sarah is a redneck, wolf hunter for someplace in Alaska that the writer apparently doesn't think much of.

I replied to said relative that this is one of those forwards for 'snopes'or 'snoops' (or whatever you call it) since I never believe anything anymore, especially forwards on the internet.

she replied:

"I think I will snoop it. Time will tell but she makes me very nervous. Do you feel qualified to be vice president of the united states? I know I don't."

to which I could only think "what does feeling qualified to run for VP have anything to do with whether Sarah Palin is qualified?" I'm confused. Sarah Palin is a Governor of a state right? I'm a stay at home mom. I don't get it. And I'm not really trying to defend Sarah Palin at all really - I'm just saying it looks like a scam to me.

hmm... I am surprised that I am so impressed

Well friends,
you know I am a bit of a cynic, I don't think that surprises anybody too much. I grew up Republican (military dad and all...) and I remember being in 3rd grade and hearing about presidential elections for the first time. I came home from school and I asked my parents who they were voting for. My dad answered that he didn't talk about it (I found out later they were for Regan) and that too many of their friends got wound up discussing it. So I went back to school and just picked a name in the mock election. I voted for Andrews. When I got home my dad asked me about it and who I voted for; when I told him he laughed and shook his head. Since then I've always found myself more interested in the strategic posturing that goes along with running for office than the office itself. So I find it some what surprising, that after watching the Democrats last week and feeling overwhelmed to be watching history; I am this week overwhelmed again. I haven't watched the Republican convention, I've been really worn out this week and gone to bed early, but I just read Palin's speech at YAHOO. I am really, really impressed. This is going to be a very interesting election and I really look forward to the debates.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Fantasy Shopping

So if you knew me pre-kids, well actually pre-college you may remember that I had a thing for clothes. I adored clothes, I adored clothes as 'uniform' 'costume' 'mask' and 'mood setter.' I lost this great love in college; I attended a women's college in the North East where everybody was too smart and serious to care about make-up and clothes and then I majored in art where it was just too messy to care about clothes and on top of that I was spending money on paint...
and then I had kids and ended up with this body that I'm not all together comfortable in...
but recently I have rediscovered my first love... I think it began with the movie "The Devil Wears Prada" and then there was "Sex and the City" (I never saw the TV show but I think perhaps I should get the whole collection just for the clothes!) and somewhere in there we ended up neighbors to Derek and Thea; Thea owns the Pink Cabana Boutique (totally preppy Lilly but really cute) and I find myself looking at clothes as art/costume fun again and not just required objects to leave the house.

My true fantasy is actually to wear Chanel pretty much everyday but even so, the Sundance Catalog and the Johnnie Boden Catalog came today and I must admit I adore them both. "One of these days," I whisper to myself "I will be able to just buy what I want from these catalogs... the mix of European Casual and Western Chic with a touch of metro thrown in. One of these days..."

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Newsweek - On Education

Evan Thomas, Eve Conant and Pat Wingert wrote an exciting piece regarding Michelle Rhee who is working to reform Washington D.C.s schools. And it looks like she is taking on the teachers union which could mean reform for American Schools. Go Rhee!

A few quotes that ought to get your blood going regardless of which side of the fence you sit on:
"It's embarrassing to be a Democrat when you hear Democrats talk about education," She says. "I believe that until the Democratic Party breaks ties with the teachers unions, we are not going to see the true reform in this country that we need."

"What we need to do is change the idea that education is the only career that needs to be done for life There are a lot of smart people who change careers every six or seven years, while education ends up with a bunch of people on the low end of the pile who don't want to compete in the job market." Kati Haycock, president of Education Trust