Monday, October 27, 2008

There was a snake, on my stairs


Last night about 7:30 or so I headed down to the basement and stopped on the second stair and hollered for my husband. The regular "what?" hollered back at me from the shop. "THERE IS A SNAKE IN MY HOUSE!" I hollered back. Husband appeared.

Poor little snake saw me (it was headed up) and had turned around and headed back down. Saw husband and decided to try lateral and headed for the banister.

I told my husband that in the past my Uncle has used a carving fork lashed to a long stick and the snake wind up the fork and he carries them out. Maybe a pitch for k would work? We have a pitch fork, for spreading mulch. Husband goes to get said pitch fork while I keep an eye on our visitor.

Beanie is of course besides herself. "Oh look! It is so cute!" and keeps trying to get a better view. While I am sure it is probably some kind of nice garter snake looking to eat the nasty bugs in my basement, I honestly don't know one snake from another and I DO NOT want Beanie near it. I send her off to find her naturalist book to try to identify it. Tiger is my kind of animal guy. He likes cute and fluffy. He was already downstairs and so he is standing at the bottom of the stairs whimpering.

Husband returns with pitch fork and by now the snake has lodged itself between the banister and the wall, no doubt wondering what it has gotten into and where all these loud, clumsy, predators have come from.

We pass a large thin book to Beanie who gently nudges snake and it moves away from the banister and falls to the floor. Makes a bee line for furniture. I don't think we are going to be able to get it to "wind up" the pitch fork. We move all the furniture except the table snake is under and block all the door ways, and then quickly move the table and chase it with the pitch fork trying to send it in the direction of the door to the backyard. It makes it. Whew!! And I don't even think I hurt it.

I have the heebie jeebies all night. Today I am to go shopping for a big fancy NY wedding, but after that I think I may stop by the SPCA and see if they have any kittens. I really don't like snakes.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

I'm kinda surprised

I thought I'd be more middle and perhaps even Democrat - I've voted Democrat the last two presidential elections...

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Boob shirts

So I was watching T.V. this evening and they brought on the girl (woman sorry MHC!) who founded this company SOMUCHMORE which makes T-shirts that are supposed to sort of deal with the white elephant in the room and make you laugh at once.
SOMUCHMORE makes and sells T-shirts that are about breast cancer:
"I lost both breasts to cancer... but men look me in the eye now"
"Does this shirt make my boobs look small?"
and my favorite
"Of course they're fake...the real ones tried to kill me"

The company donates to cancer research at the Huntsman Cancer Foundation.

The founder does not think cancer is funny, but she does believe that she is so much more than a cancer survivor. And so is everybody else.

And you guys thought I was back on Tena's bouncy boobs, bounce rate blog posts. HAH!

I should be doing something else right now...

yeah - so Bitsy is upstairs making "ahaaahah aaah ba ba ba baaaah" noises in her crib which is her way of calming down or something and is the reason that M-Lyons takes naps in my room. We had friends of M-lyons over this morning for a play date - it was very fun and very active. Princess S's mom watches a child who is maybe 1 1/2 and he and Bitsy were determined to race all morning to see who could fall down the stairs first, or fall off a chair, or fall through the trap door on the swing set (we bought one of those very cool swing sets with tower type things on them a bizillion years ago at the COOP AUCTION) and yes my Bitsy decided to be the winner and fall through the trap door. I sort of caught her as she hung over the door with her little hands gripping the step ladder up into the tower. She managed to do a good job of freaking little self out. Silly baby. And of course the kicker for me was that up to that point we had been lower the trap door once everybody was up in the tower so as to avoid tha very thing and she had decided to play with the door and since I didn't want her to and she is almost two she just had to be a squirt about it. uh huh. Look at that, mom isn't a complete idiot after all.
So after playdates, and lunch, we had baths. When M-Lyons and Princess S asked to play outside I had forgotten that Tim cored and seeded the yard this weekend and so it was so very muddy - we sent our little 18 month old friend home - COVERED in mud. Won't his mother be pleased to see him??? Anyway - I noticed M-Lyons hair had grown out a bit and we are still trying to let the one side that she decided to hack off this summer catch up to the rest of her hair, and so I trimmed a bit, and then Bitsy started patting her head and wanting a trim. Big mistake. Bitsy doesn't sit still for beans. Not that M-Lyons does either but M-Lyons does try. Bitsy looks a bit like somebody got a hold of her with lawn scissors. oh dear. But anyway.
I am supposed to be cleaning up my kitchen and then painting a portrait of Mrs. Axtell for the school auction. Hmm... ambitious. But the thing is I just cannot turn off my brain... about the whole economic thing.
But my fairy godmother seems to be on the run lately, there has been no wand waving going on around here despite the fact that I am feeling rather Cinderella ish lately. Um... hello? Anybody know how to ring up a fairy god mother?

Monday, October 13, 2008

bad feeling

So I've had a really bad feeling about the "stimulus" and the "tax cuts" and the spending because I don't see how we can spend what we don't have. I was looking for "Heroes" on TV and somehow ended up watching Glenn Beck and I am kinda wigged out. Because... he took everything I'm kinda worried about and laid it out there and had some rather smart guys agreeing with him. They are talking 1970's shortages, some are talking 1930's and a few nutcases are talking wheelbarrows of worthless money because we no longer have a gold standard. How do you guard against that??? I am the quintessential suburban mom, I grow NO food... okay, I think I just need to go to bed now.


Saturday was one of those insanely busy days where we did nothing but house chores and worked from Sun up to Sun down - or something - I found all the laundry baskets for clean not matched socks hiding all over the house and did them, washed sheets on kids beds, scrubbed down two bathrooms, organized my room, and vacuumed, and I was tired. After dinner I took the dog for a good 4 mile walk. YES! When I got home, Tiger had set up a Command and Conquer game for me, with a plate of cookies and a Hershey's dark chocolate and a beer (chocolate and beer?) K bear brought me up some water and her blanket and they had a stuffed animal for me to snuggle with...
They are way too cute!

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Important! Regardless of your political stance:

States’ Actions to Block Voters Appear Illegal

voter registration lists are being purged per law, but maybe not legally. please pay attention. Every vote matters!

My friend Meg (of Meg on the Bus fame) posted this on her facebook profile. It is important. Very important. Thanks Meg!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

want to write!

So the writer wants to write. I miss seeing my "You've been published" announcements from AC. But there is so much to do!!! Augh. And my fairy godmother did not come clean my house yesterday. I tell ya. She has got a lot of nerve!

Monday, October 6, 2008

foiled again...

after a day of:
dog out for a run
kids off to school
M-Lyons to COOP preschool
Bitsy to MDO
10 AM meeting with V.P. at school for Bear's SAP (Student Assessment Plan or Student Aid Plan or some such something)
11 ish ran home, threw on jeans, phone call with reading specialist, pick up preschoolers (5 minutes late) and M-Lyons's teacher is holding M-Lyons and letting me know "she was worried" yeesh ever hear of "oh your fine honey. mommy will be here as soon as she can." ALL of the other kids were still playing on the playground (yes their mommy's were there BUT STILL) not like she was the only kid there.
took ABC Arbonne Care to Client
got home
cut out COOP emblem from sweatshirt and sewed it into the circle of hands on student quilt
preschoolers fell asleep
thought I'd check in
5 minutes later bus comes home
dog barking
M-Lyons awake
Bear's friend wants to come down but doesn't want to leave when I want her to
excuse me
Dragon's pants are wet
he is getting better about going to the bath tub and getting cleaned up
off to make dinner