Saturday, November 29, 2008

Hermit Crabs

Hermit Crabs are back. We now have three. Bear wanted to buy one for her brother for Christmas, and after reading that they are happier in a colony, she decided to buy one for both brothers and one for herself. She very carefully choose three about the same size (as they will actually cannibalize each other) and she has them hidden in her room in the closet for the next three weeks. Too funny. She spent all weekend looking up Hermit Crab care.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Friday after Thanksgiving

For ever ago, pre-marriage I think, one of my college friends used to drive up from North Carolina to spend Thanksgiving with my rowdy family. There would be my mother, my two sisters, my brother, sometimes a random Air Force cadet would come home with Tony, sometimes Tony wouldn't come and he stay in Colorado and ski, my other sister M would show up with college friends and the little sister "Tia" was in Jr. High. My friend continued the tradition into my first years of marriage and pretty much until she was married.
I loved it.
She is also the only person I ever knew who went shopping the day after Thanksgiving as tradition. She was horrified the first year that I wasn't going... there was all sorts of shopping to be done! So after that she'd make sure I was up and at 'em and in the car by 9.
I am not shopping today. I am undecorating the fall stuff and putting out the beginnings of the Christmas stuff and hopefully playing a game of Monopoly mid day with the 'big kids' when the small ones take a nap.
Yesterday was busy and typical family time. We host Thanksgiving. When we first got married it was supposed to be a rotation. Sometimes we go to his mom's and sometimes we go to mine - but his parents have not been int town for th last several years. His grandparents however, are and are pretty much on their own. At 90 they aren't going to travel and no one travels to them, so they come to our house. So does my mom. And this year so did Miss Carol, a widow from church in her 70s or 80s. We started Turkey at 8 am. Cooked stuffed pumpkin, corn bread, M-Lyons made cranberry sauce the preschool way, pumpkin pie... for some reason the sweet potatoes didn't cook up right.
At about 11 am my husband wants to know if I need the stove top burners because he wants to clean them. He has in fact started cleaning them and it suddenly occurred to him that it might be a problem. Can we say "too many people in the kitchen?" Yeesh.
But what is a holiday without at least one of those kind of incidents?
Hope you had a good one.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Today I really really really just need to quit the Episcopal Church and go back to being Catholic. I need to be able to walk into the confessional and explain to the priest just how truly awful I am so he can give me absolution.

I said horrible, mean things to my 6 year old son this morning that no mother should ever say. ever. Somehow I have to convince this kid when he is 18 that he isn't allowed to get married or have kids until he goes through a good 10 years of therapy and undoes all the crud I put him through.

I need to go say the rosary now, and maybe some Hail Mary's and appeal to Saint Joseph to please, for crying out loud, do his job and protect the household - mostly from the people inside it. I have that right, right? That is St. Joe's job? Who protects innocent kids from their parents? And Dad. You are supposed to be running interference - what - are you drinking beer and watching the angels play the prophets in baseball or something? get back to work!!!

Carbon Dioxide Levels in Danger Zone

By Matthew Knight

LONDON, England (CNN) -- A team of international scientists led by Dr James Hansen, director of NASA's Goddard Institute for Space Studies, say that carbon dioxide (CO2) levels are already in the danger zone.
The Aletsch glacier in the Alps. Melting of mountain glaciers is accelerating worldwide.

Concentrations of CO2 in the atmosphere currently stand at 385 parts per million (ppm) and are rising at a rate of two ppm per year. This is enough, say the scientists, to encourage dangerous changes to the Earth's climate.

As a result we risk expanding desertification, food shortages, increased storm intensities, loss of coral reefs and the disappearance of mountain glaciers that supply water to hundreds of millions of people.

The report, "Target Atmospheric CO2: Where Should Humanity Aim?" appears in the latest edition of the Open Atmosphere Science Journal and brings together the expertise of ten scientists from the United States, the UK and France.


Saturday, November 22, 2008


Stopped by to see Mr. Mills today. He is the owner of "Dachshunds of Williamsburg" as well as a teacher. He hasn't been well and my Bear made him cookies. She makes rockin' sugar cookies. Really and truly.
Anyway, he was home and we stopped by with her cookies and a little dinner, I didn't realize he has two teenage sons in the house and I definitely did not make enough dinner... but anyway. We were greeted at the door by 4 Dachshunds and then there was another one and he was holding one... Bear said she counted 7 total. There is a puppy who is chocolate and gorgeous and he is named "Puddin" his mommy is Pebbles who is mottled grays. They have a newer one who is wire haired and very cool looking named "Erin" and a 1 year old male named "Slim" who was a riot. "Maggie" is the old lady and mellow. "Coco" was quiet as a mouse until they got her ball out and she was all about the ball, either chasing it or barking at Bear to throw it. Too much fun!!! So we stayed and played a good half hour with all the dogs. I wanted to take "Puddin" home but I knew my husband would say "no." Grrrrrr. How come he always gets to say 'no" and when I say "no" he doesn't listen???

Friday, November 21, 2008

Warm fuzzies

Many of the girls brought something lastnight - a fabulous bottle of wine - a dip or spread or desert to share -

my dear friend Nancy brought me a box of chocolates with this note:

"Thank you, Cailin, for bringing us together. I always love seeing you and the extraordinary women you bring together like magic."

mmmm.... warm, honey yellow, blessings all around me...

Girls Night! Yes!

I had some gals over last night and it was great fun - I sent out my evites (I adore evites) to the usual suspects and one or two new faces...
6 ish my husband comes home wielding poker chips. He'd offered to teach us to play when I had mentioned that I had girls from the neighborhood, girls from preschool, girls from elementary school and two from his office coming and I was hoping they'd all mix (sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't ya know?) anyway - about 6:30 he picked up a punch bowl and it shattered... slicing his hand pretty badly. Yikes.
So at 7:30 I opened the door to greet my first guest, a newbie who hasn't come to my house before and all 5 kids are running around and I'm still finishing up... I put her in charge of the front door and went to put my kids to bed!
But after that point it was great. I have great friends and they did all manage to introduce themselves and we have a downstairs so we went down and drank wine and ate chocolate and cheese and strawberries and the most amazing pesto - I have discovered thanks to A that I like Pinot Noir much better than the average Cab - good to know as I'm married to a red wine man. We talked until 11:30! We talked about "Twilight" opening tonight and who loved the books and who thought they were awful and who didn't have a clue and one of the mom's is taking her daughter to "Twilight" and I'm making mine wait and another mom's take on her son trying to get her to take him to the new James Bond which turned to guidance and censoring and "talks" with your kids... and who has had what "talk" with their child and how other people's opinions about all this does or does not affect our individual parenting. We talked about gender identification and stereo types, about schools (of course - we always talk about schools.)

This morning CDR came by to see if Bitsy qualifies for speech therapy; she does. Whew! I really need this kid to try to talk.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Frog and Toad

Tiger is in second grade and he is reading "Frog and Toad." You may remember "Frog and Toad." I do.
Today he was reading a chapter called "Shivers" in which Frog tells a story about THE DARK FROG. A big scary frog he met in the woods when he was little. THE DARK FROG threatened to eat Frog, but he wasn't hungry yet. So he made Frog turn the jump rope until he jumped one hundred times. Frog gets away in the end, but it reminded me of a nightmare I had when I was 4 or 5 and that I still remember.
I remember having a nightmare in which a horrible warty toad about as big as me, sat on a stool in a very dark place and demanded that I count. I remember in the dream I was crying and crying and counting and counting.
Isn't it odd that I still remember that? I can see that awful toad as clearly now as I could in the dream.

mmm...any dream interpreting psychologists out there? what do you make of that?

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Bitsy's PJs

I still put Bitsy to bed in one piece PJs. It usually keeps her from pulling off her diapers or some other craziness. Unfortunately she has taken to unzipping with unprecedented enthusiasm and I often find a naked 2 year old in the crib in the morning. It is 30 some degrees out outside. I keep the house cool. I've been a bit worried... FINALLY it occurs to me this evening - put them on backwards! Ta Da! We will see if this is successful.
Honestly - it has taken me HOW MANY kids to come up with that???

Detox Cleanse - Day One

Okay, I've been scolded roundly for using the company name since I sell the stuff but A.I. came out with a detox line last spring and I have slowly tried things out. SLOWLY because if you have sensitive skin you know - GO SLOW! So to date I have tried the bath soak - GLORIOUS; the Scrub - my new favorite and it lives in my shower; the massage oil which I really like because it smells nice without that heavy scented feeling that smothers you (you know?) and the mud mask on my face - which definitely works and leaves me BRIGHT RED for a while so not to be used before going anyplace! So far I have managed to use them all without triggering a skin reaction. whew!

Okay - all of that to preface the point of the post-

the Cleanse...
The Cleanse is called the 7 Day Body Cleanse. It is supposed to detox you from the inside out (oh how lovely!)
I have actually done a few of these with herbalists - one is famously called "Ivy's Cleanse" and it is intense - I often feel sick when I use that formula.
So today is day one and I am curious to see A.) how I feel and B.) if my skin has anything to say about it.
Ingredients include Senna, Rhubarb root, and Cascara Sagrada. I don't know if I have used the first two in the past but Cascara Sagrada is a common cleanser and used in lots of herbal detox formula.
{side note: the product is $49.00 retail (less if you wholesale) when I bought allthe ingredients for Ivy's cleanse it cost over $100.00}

If you don't know the whole skin story check this out: Guttate Psoriasis on my Face

Monday, November 17, 2008


I do not remember how I "found" steenbab on twitter... but I did. Steenbab tweets and blogs (if I remember correctly but honestly I haven't checked recently) some very interesting articles and links to articles regarding market trends and market info and other fascinating stuff. I think I am going to have to really take some time in the next couple of years to study some of this stuff because it is really interesting - kinda like a game really -
Six Unknowns...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Side Link Addition

I added "Susan Axtell" to my links on the side there in the "Interesting Persons" essay list. Susan is the retiring director of the preschool my kids attend. She is an absolute delight and I wish there were many more people like her in my world.

Glimpses of the Future

Yesterday was "Tiger's" 8th Birthday.

We celebrated in Eitelbach tradition: presents at breakfast and breakfast is defined as waffles covered in ice cream and strawberries (although yesterday we used raspberries) and on occasion people get crazy and add whatever other toppings they desire. He went off to school all sugared up having unwrapped Star Wars action figures and lego sets and... ta da... an ipod touch. (he snuck the ipod out of the house and onto the school bus, the bus driver reports that the entire bus was crowded around him)

It was a short day at school, 11:30 dismissal so several of his friends rode the bus home with him. They piled through the door and then I dragged them through my "party activities" a version of pin the tail on the donkey and hot potato and musical chairs. We played hot potato some 4 or 5 times because they wanted to - they were all so competitive about it, and the same with musical chairs which almost became a made for TV wrestling event.

His older sister and her friend hid left over Halloween candy in the basement and they went on a hunt and then we "decorated cupcakes" and had pigs in a blanket. It was really cute to watch my table full of 8 year old boys painstakingly sprinkle toppings on their cupcakes. After food we put on Star Wars Attack of the Clones and they all hung out racing matchbox cars, playing with DSes, Tiger brought down his new legos.

I got a glimpse of 4 or 5 years down the road when they are all just "hanging out" and even 10 years down the road when they are home for Thanksgiving and watching the game. It was a neat pause and so oddly harmonious, this room full of boys all just sort of being in each others company.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


So it occurred to me this morning that despite my self image as a b!@#% I am in fact a major push over and pretty much everybody depends on me to be exactly that.
Myday as Ihad it planned was to arrive at preschool at 8:50 and get the morning 3's finger prints for the class craft for the auction. Possibly get the morning 4's - go vote - go home and feed kids lunch - return to school for afternoon 2' and 3's fingerprints...
6 something this morning my husband informs me that he needs my car because he lent his bike light to an employee; and he has clients in town using his car. WTF? He promises to have it back to me at 8:30. Great.
My mother calls; "It is 8 AM I just voted. There are no lines, I'll come by and stay with the kids so you can go vote." Okay, very nice to offer but I have plans...
I use Mother's car and drive to my husband's office to get my purse which is in my car along with the paint box needed to get the crafts ready before I meet said 3 year olds at school. My car has already left to drive back to my house. I drive home. I get my purse out of my car and I drive to my voting place. I vote and thankfully Mother was right and there are no lines. I drive home. It is 9 AM my younger two are not dressed and are watching High School Musical on T.V. My day is deteriorating before me...
So I rearrange and look incompetent and do not show up at preschool no at the scheduled time why? because my husband assumed he could take my car and made arrangements based on that assumption and my mother wanted to help me. My entire life is this scenario. I am so tired of it.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The Hoff and Man Cannons

ummm... yeah... so I already spilled about my very mature, grown up, intellectual addiction... and umm... there is this hilarious site that my husband showed me. I don't know, maybe it is funny because I got four hours of sleep last night and I'm drinking wine, or maybe I just really am a 12 year old boy in disguise, but I think it is funny.

There needs to be a Gamer Anonymous

It is embarrassing... I am literally waiting to tuck my kids into bed (damn the time change I think it should be bed time!) so I can play. My husband got around to adding Command and Conquer to my computer - old version mind you - Generals (there are three CC types, Tiberian Sun which I don't care for, Red Alert which I loved and which supposedly has a new version, and Generals which I like way too much for my own good) so I am listening to the 3 middle kids clean up the blocks, train tracks and army tanks/soldiers and the oldest play "Mary had a Little Lamb"on her alto sax and I'm fixated on being able to turn on a game and take on 3 armies and see how I do. What is it with that game?
I was raised playing RISK - a game I love and which seems to have taught me World Geography as well as strategy and influences my understanding of Foreign Policy. Seriously - If you look at the game board you know that you don't want "enemy" influences in your hemisphere it is much harder to defend yourself. Add in the complications of planes, and weapons of mass destruction and you realize your boarders extend way beyond your actual territory and you need "buffer" zones which you defend with a vengeance. C&C is the same thing - but faster - against a computer and it adds in all kinds of variables: availability of monetary value to build a base and troops - effectiveness of various kinds of troops against enemy forces - and so on. And for me it is addicting. Loose a game and I immediately want to restart it - same board, same enemies, same locations - until I can beat it. This can of course take all night.
Add this to my regular schedule of running around and no wonder I am getting nothing at all done. There needs to be a support group. "Hi, I am NOT a 12 year old male couch potato and I am an EA Games Junkie" (don't even get me started on the Lord of the Rings Game)

Sunday, November 2, 2008


hmmm... So I haven't been around much at all lately...
The COOP Auction has taken on a life of its own and my husband hasn't been traveling.
Yesterday was his birthday. It was great fun and involved a lot of acting 12 years old a playing Command and Conquer (we are certified EA Games junkies) and we are definitly going to have to round up all the disks and get a good LAN party going eventually but I digress. I was trying to cook dinner for in-laws, chase the two year old (Bitsy's birthday was Wednesday) and the three year old, clean house and take Arbonne orders (my computer was in use for the Command & Conquer and was talking to his laptop so he and my son could team up against the others...) and I tell you - I decided I am going to have to seriously get my hiny in gear. I want to earn whatever the "big incentive" trip is next year so maybe I can get a little respect around this house. Honestly people! I need the computer for one minute to check a price and I cannot get to it because your base is about to get 'blown up'!


this is my newsletter...

November 2008 Cailin’s Arbonne Newsletter

I would like to thank everybody who has helped me get back into business here. I really appreciate all of your support as I re-start after my time in Colorado.

Fall Specials:

Usually Myon and I run the RE9 set special in October. October flew by and is gone and I never ran it. Yikes. So I am offering the RE9 set special in November this year. First come basis, you can purchase the RE9 set for $190.00 this month ($298.50 value!) this is the anti aging set that has made Arbonne such a successful company. Never tried it? Give me a call and take home the sample bag for a week. You will be amazed! I need four orders to run the special, and I can only take four. So if you are interested let me know right away.

The HOLIDAY Specials are in! I will have an open house Dec 4th and 5th from 10 Am until 3 Pm and by appointment throughout November and December. Book a time for a private holiday shopping experience and come over to sample and smell all the holiday scents and specials. Or gather a few girlfriends for a small group and I’ll provide wine and a cheese plate while you shop.

Last year I took orders for gift bags for teachers, bus drivers and others prices begin at $10.00. Call or email for more information. Orders for gift bags need to be in by Dec Check for product specials on Holiday Sets.

As in the past I will hold a drawing every quarter to offer a surprise “thank you” gift to everybody who has hosted a party or introduced me to a new client. Thank you to Gina K, Lisa P, Caroline C, and Jamie M. As always I am seeking new clients and party hostesses. Hostess receive a hostess gift and the opportunity to purchase products at 80% off.

We recently held a mother daughter party to help our emerging tweens learn good skin care habits and to let the girls play with color. It was a lot of fun!

Thank you for being a part of my business!

Cailin Yates