Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 year olds...

M Lyons amazes me. I think I just really like 4 year olds... they've learned to talk, mostly stopped whining, like to do fun things, and can (with the exception of Dragon) entertain their own self for a bit. I am supposed to be cleaning up so I can go to book club tonight with a clean conscious, and as I do, My Lyons is sitting at her little table coloring away and singing to herself. M Lyons lives in a musical. She is always singing and often dancing.

She is such a cool little kid. This weekend Daddy decided it was a ski weekend. I know he wanted to get in at least one day on snow, poor guy. So we treaked to Wintergreen. We gave M Lyons the option, go to grandma's or go skiing. She chose skiing...

M Lyons, Wintergreen

She skied from 9 AM until 6 PM (with stops for hot chocolate, lunch, snack, an enormous chocolate cupcake, and a nap on Mommy's lap) She is the ONLY one of my kids to ever express an interest in carrying her own skis and she can even pop her boots out of the bindings when she is done. She went from nothing, to lift chair in one day. We are beyond impressed.

Now it is up to Dataxstream to provide contracts to provide employment to afford a more frequent ski season next year. In the mean time, she is singing away at her little desk. She is way too cute.

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Meg said...

That is too funny. I love her already!