Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Ah... catch a breath!

It is that time of year when I feel like I loose track of everything.
I don't know. I hate February. The month and I have a long standing argument and I rarely make it through without major distress for some unknown reason. It is wet, cold, moldy here. The kind of cold that gets in your bones and WILL NOT go away. Not North Woods Cold, or Rocky Mountain Cold, no, Mid Atlantic Moldy Wet Cold - I don't know. It does something not nice to me.

Yesterday I scarfed down fistfuls of nuts, I'm also big on fatty soups this time of year. I feel like a Polar Bear trying desperately to get warm and keep my feet on solid ground. I guess I should leave the Polar Bears out of it, the whole not enough ice on the ice cap thing really is not funny.

On the other hand - I got to deliver two Arbonne orders yesterday and I have a party on Thursday AND the Arbonne Road Tour is coming to Virginia this weekend. So that is all quite cool.

AND - on Wednesday I have my hopefully LAST meeting with the school regarding all the special ed stuff so that my kids can receive the individualized reading instruction that will hopefully allow them to do well beyond elementary school. YEESH.

My nutty kids decided (round table equitable discussion I swear) yesterday to go "no sugar" as in no sugar additives although we decided honey was okay and we are not banning real maple syrup from pancakes. We will see how that goes.
Bitsty is hollering
signing out

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Kristina P. said...

Your kids decided to go off sugar?!?!? Are they aliens? :)