Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Pantry Challenge

My sister told me about this:

The Pantry challenge is when you challenge yourself not to grocery shop until you've wiped out your pantry. You are allowed to modify according to your families dietary needs. At my house that means: I buy produce, dairy and meats like I do usually. I also purchase what I need for school lunches; but at a slower pace so as to try to use up stuff in the pantry that could, conceivably, be put in a school lunch.

I have sort of been on an unofficial pantry challenge since Christmas, but just made it official by announcing to my dearest darling that he may not, under any circumstances, go stock up at Costco until the pantry is bare {he recently enthusiastically re-supplied us while beverage shopping for his Super Bowl Party}.

I usually add in a freezer challenge while I am at it. Stuff piles up in my freezer.

So last Friday I cooked up at turkey I'd purchased after the Holidays as it was 80 something cents a pound. We ate off the carcass for two days and then last night I threw it in the pot to make stock. Today I've emptied out the fridge into the stock for left over soup, a can of beans and some frozen veggies thrown in.

I have found in the past though, it is amazing how long you can actually go with out restocking if you really try.


Kristina P. said...

This is my daily life! Our fridge is always so bare!

And I have no idea where you can get a Bumpit, but rest assured, I will be buying and testing them.

Meg said...

Yeah, so looks like I'd be having barley and oatmeal with rice. Not much else in the pantry.

Meg said...

Oooh, I found a can of white beans! I'm in business!