Sunday, April 19, 2009

Racism and Adoption

Racism and Adoption

My sister sent me this link:
Resources for Responding to Racism by Pam Connell 

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As a thirty-something raised in the Pacific Northwest, I have always known about racism, but seldom witnessed it. I lived a very sheltered childhood, and thirty-some years later still feel a bit of shock whenever I hear of a racist incident: "That happened here? Nowadays? Really?"My daughters Camp Fire group had a member who was adopted from Ethiopia. The mother and I began comparing adoption experiences. I was shocked when she told me her daughter had been experiencing blatant racism at school. Fellow second graders had been taunting her on the playground, "You don't belong here. Go back where you came from." The mother was about to have her second meeting with the principal to discuss the situation. Apparently the principal had drafted a letter to be sent home to parents about topic. I'm not sure whether he was asking the parents to talk to their children or saying that the school had plans to do something. I'm still waiting to hear how it all turned out.


FoxyMoron said...

It's learned from the parents which makes it even worse. My kids don't even SEE race, they just see the person which is how I have raised them.

I remember one of them when they were little referring to the "black girl" at school. I was horrified till I realised she was referring to the little girl's lovely black hair.

I don't get racism, especially in the cultural melting pot that is our world today.

The Muse said...

Love goes beyond any color spectrum...being human, it is sad that everyone cannot see and feel that!
Color or race should have no bearing in the makeup of how we should determine our relationships.