Tuesday, April 28, 2009


wake-up around 5:45
make cookies for Bible Study which I won't be attending today
7:00 wake up kids - oatmeal and blueberry breakfast
make lunches
8:00 Am 1st grader picked up for school; 2nd grader & 5th grader on bus
8:55 drop off cookies
9-12 sub at preschool (2 and 3 year olds) take my 2 year old and my 4 year old with me {two year old was very two-ish. lots of tempers and stomping feet}
smile a LOT at helping mom who wants us all to know that she has 4 kids thank you very much and a husband in the military and she has better things to do than be helping mom (so pick a different preschool)
12-1 eat lunch outside at school
1-1:30 buy new shoes. both girls complaining about feet.
2:15 watch 2nd grader in "King Tut" production at school. leave early (after his line)
2:45 pick up first grader and carpool buddy from school. Carpool buddy's mom drives in the am as "arrival time is 8-8:15" the same time as the other kids's morning bus stop.
drop off carpool buddy arrive home with tired two year old.
other kids arrive off bus 5 mintues later

I have breakfast dishes waiting for me, dinner, homework, and laundry (and other basic household chores that will not get attended to today; or tomorrow either if I'm being honest) and apparently my husband sent people from work over around 9 Am. Boy were they greated with a lovely site.

need to follow up with Friday's party hostess
need to find a sitter for Saturday night out with the neighbors (we are feeling special, they are A listers and we never get invited)
and get the info on the two product lines resently launched

and people want to know why I don't paint anymore

I think I need to make more coffee


Meg said...

Maybe if she doesn't want to be helping mom, she should send her kids to public school!

(ps. your schedule makes me tired. you are awesome!)

FoxyMoron said...

Yep I'm tired just reading it!

I used to love helping at pre school, I would get the juiciest gossip from those kids. God only knows what mine used to tell other mums!!