Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Vogue calls him "the godfather"

His name is Steven Meisel and he is beautiful.
Vogue has a spread in which they called what seems to be all the big name models (sorry I haven't paid attention in about 20 years) to come take their picture with Steven Meisel - the photographer who "made" each of them.
I like the article (okay - bits of it. I read in fragmentation) But frankly I wish there were more photographs of him. Seriously, Michelangelo would have spent years carving him as David. Only he is not David - no sheep tending, harp playing karma here. Handle the reigns of Apollo's chariot of fire? Quite possibly.
And to add insult to injury he is not only beautiful he has the most gorgeous hair. Really. The women around him do not stand a chance. I wonder if there are photos of him out there? {I wrote that and then found this one} He seems to be a bit careful about that - the article describes that he works at a photoshoot from behind screens and inside boxes and that the interviewer only conducted phone interviews...
I am fascinated

"the godfather" by Jonathan Van Meter; photographed by Steven Meisel

Vogue Covers Collection
collection at art commerce
check out number sml19971211a017 it reminds me of my favorite painting in the louvre: I forget the artist of course but there is a beautiful male nude in similar pose on the edge of a large rock... ugh, I haven't seen a reproduction of that in years...
{of course I had to go and find it:
Hippolyte Flandrin
Nude Youth Sitting by the Sea
Study of a figure
Oil on canvas}


My said...

he is gorgeous. wow.

CailinMarie said...

i know... sigh...