Thursday, April 23, 2009

Well it is Thursday...

Whew!  Made it to Thursday - my "day off"

Dragon is doing very well at the new school.  He is happy, getting rewards for good behaviors, and has friends.  Monday evening another mother called to see if she could offer Dragon a ride to school. ***YES*** He needs to leave the same time as the bus is to pick up the other two.  I had no idea how I was going to figure that out.  I give her son a ride home on two afternoons (he stays after the other three).
Interestingly the school Dragon now attends is ahead in many areas.  He will be kept busy trying to catch up in math.  I'm pleased, challenges keep the smart ones out of trouble.

Yesterday was a bit insane: the bus was 30 mintues late.  I had forgotten I was snack mother in M-Lyons preschool class so we ran to the pantry to see what we had... cheerios and kashi mixed with 4 surprise m&ms into baggies; the kids seemed happy enough with it.  Home aroud 1, back out to pick up Dragon at 3, other two off the bus at 4, back out with K-Bear and a friend at 4:15.  K's teacher had offered to chaperone a trip to the movies to see "Earth" (newly released by Disney for Earth Day) K & friend were skipping into the theater to buy their own tickets, feeling very grown up and weird.  It was cute.  Friend's mother picked them up and brought them home.

I went home and made Mom's cheese cake recipe and tried desperately to tidy up a bit.  Book Club was meeting at my house at 8:30!!!  I hadn't been home all day, nor the day before, nor the day before.  Laundry all across the couch, vacumming to be done, dishes to be done... yikes.  

Book Club was fun - I really enjoy it.  We are reading "Water for Elephants" and "The Omnivores Dilemma" next.

I'm off to finish chores, look at my May Calendar for Arbonne and finish filling in the holes, catch up on the Queen Esther reading, and eat left over cheese cake.  My mother's recipe is divine.

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My said...

what's up with book clubs and the omnivores dilemma? Mine just read it (I refused, I was on a nutrition book kick a few months ago and just burned out). Doesn't seem much like a book club book....