Monday, April 13, 2009

a year ago...

I was in the mountains in Colorado and was hit with a bout of strep throat that resulted in a rather serious psoriasis breakout -
I wrote about it:
Guttate Psoriasis
and I took pictures. My husband kept saying "WHY do you want pictures of this?"

But I did because people think I exagerate - that I have one or two ugly spots.
I was in a Bible Study discussion, a Beth Moore Bible Study on the Book of Daniel, and the leader really got on my case when we came to a chapter about self image and I had a hard time with it.


And it is WHY I sell skin care. I never in a million years would have bought skin care at a party. I never went to those parties even. But a friend insisted I try it - and amazingly the stuff doesn't hurt. Even when I am completely broken out I can use this stuff and it doesn't HURT. Do you know HOW major that is for me? It is huge.


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Anonymous said...

thanks for the post! I have scalp psoriasis and recently got a couple rashes near my eyes, bumps on my ears and a few on my neck. I was so scared so I decided to do further research and I plan to ditch diary products, red meat, yeast and gluten food. When u had the breakout on your face, did it breakout little by little or all together? Thanks so much for sharing! I'm so scared! It's so itchy I can barely sleep at night.