Monday, May 25, 2009

Wax, gotta love it

The pool reopened today.  Yay!  Last year the neighborhood pool was closed at the end of the summer and then began extensive modifications, updating, and repair.  They promised to open it by Memorial Day and they did.  WooHoo!
So in celebration I decided I needed a waxing.
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Sometime during my second pregnancy I decided I really had always despised shaving and I needed to take up waxing.  I've stuck with it.
Since I cannot run off to the beauty parlor these days and even when I did my husband tended to  be furious over the length of my absence I went to CVS and purchased the do it yourself kit.

I actually found a brand I really like, with reusable strips, some time ago but as is my life these days I was in a time crunch and at CVS and they had an unusually limited supply.  Perhaps the time of year?  Everybody in town is do it yourself waxing???

The Sally Hansen Lavendar Spa Wax kit wasn't bad. The wax was smooth and went on well (but my bathroom was cold so it cooled off quickly and got thick and more difficult.) But wax is messy and I did find a kind in Colorado that wasn't wax based, I think it was pine based? and so it washed out of towels and so on plus it washed out of the strips so they could be reused. But any way;

Today I decided it was time to educate the husband on the whole "there is no such thing as natural beauty" culture. {after all I can't really reach the back of my legs...}  It seems we are all expected to be fit, put together, and smell nice all the time and non of this should be done on their time.  Yes well...

He has a new found respect for why it takes SO LONG at the beauty parlor.

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He has a new respect for the skill of those persons who do the waxing, it did take him a while to get the hang of it.  He actually said, "this is not as easy as you made it look" after he tried to follow my demonstration.

And then when a few stubborn hairs didn't follow along with the waxing I asked him to get out the tweezers...

And after one or two spots got all gummed up it was so obvious that it hurt he has a new respect for his wife's stoic pursuit of sexy legs.

Bikini Wax Pictures, Images and Photos

He did mention several times, "maybe you should look into laser hair removal." I'm not sure about that. I hear it hurts. And they'd need to guarantee it was permanent or why bother? And would that kick the psoriasis into gear?

Regardless, I do have smooth legs and under arms and I've done my part to make sure one more male in the population understands that this does not come easily.


Debbie said...

Hysterical. Loved the visuals. The boy at the end with the Brazilian sign cracked me up!

Meg said...

That's hilarious. I agree. The visuals are a nice touch.

FoxyMoron said...

OMG and I thought I was "progessive" getting mine to help me streak my hair!