Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Crazy Mommies

Well after the "snake handling" post and the "crickets" post I'm guessing you've already figured the people in the white jackets are on their way. Now you know for sure.

There is a group of girls (mommies) from preschool and PCS who are training for a 1/2 a triathalon. I find out while at swim practice last week that there is a different group of girls in the neighborhood, on the swim team, training for same event. Patriot something or other in September? or something.

When I was in college I wanted to run a triatholon. Never did. Never even came close. But now I am surrounded by all these women training and my competitive blood is running hot. So I have not made ANY KIND of announcement or agreement or anything...

but Friday last week I ran 4 miles. Then I swam laps for a good 15 minutes without stopping. I think I swam 30 laps (at 25 meters each) which gives me 750 meeters. The goal (if one were training for a 1/2 triatholon) is 80 laps.
Saturday I ran 4 miles.
Sunday I swam 40 laps. That is 1000 meters. Without stopping. yay me.
I took today, Monday, off.

So I'm thinking once a week I need to record my workouts to keep me honest.

and we will see, if I get to where it looks even close to feasibly without death involved I might just try it. Although there is something about swimming a mile in the James River that sets me back. I've never gone in that river without comming out with an ear infection... but anyway

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The Muse said...

yes, yes, let's TRY and avoid the Death thing!
But, gosh I so understand the competitive spirit...
Go get them tiger! LOL...
I cannot wait to hear
"The rest of this story"!