Monday, June 29, 2009

the Facebook Song

I haven't had nearly as exciting a dating life as this woman and so only one man really qualifies as having broken my heart. And well he did. But he wasn't/isn't a bad guy (is that me in denial?) it was college. Timing and all that. And him having lived in the real world already and me not even close and very sheltered. And well, distance. And so on.

But only a few days ago his name pops up in the Facebook "Suggestions" box. His name is unusual but not one of a kind and there are 10-20 guys out there with it (okay yes I have looked in the past) but he doesn't have any of the same friends as I have. We didn't go to school together. How creepy is it that Facebook knows I know him? Really? So I sent him an message on FB entitled "What the Hell?" as in, how does Facebook know? Really? That is creepy!!!

And then my friend Julie posts this gem:
I will figure out how to post it. (why is this so hard for me?)

HILARIOUS!!! And luckily said man has the perfect sense of humor for this. He would also think it is hilarious.

{after some thought I figured one of us (me & the man again) must have the other ones email address and allowed FB to dig through them to find our friends for us. Probably me. When I first signed up. Which only works as a theory if he signed up more recently. But anyway.}


Melissa said...

hahahaha! that was friggin hilarious!!! love it!!

but seriously, is THAT how FB finds all these people - by your email address book? b/c i have someone who keeps popping up as a suggested friend, and she & i haven't spoken in i don't know how long, nor do we have any friends in common...hmmm, interesting!

thanks for making me giggle! :)

Cellar Door said...

Thanks for that video!