Saturday, June 6, 2009

Friday, WHAT A MESS! traffic and musings on beauty queens

So we learned of the following event through our Children's Home Society and Family Services (CHSFS) Newsletter:

Joy Hodges was crowned Miss District of Columbia US 09 (Miss United States Pageant) in April 2009. She was adopted from Thailand as a young child and during her one year reign will be devoting her time and influence to CHSFS, our mentorship program, and the needs of children worldwide. From her past experience, Joy strongly believes in the importance of community support in the lives and development of adopted children. We are excited about her commitment to our mission!
Joy will be in our Silver Spring office with a professional photographer who will be taking pictures for use in her public appearances throughout her reign. We are asking our families to bring their children to meet Miss D.C.! Light refreshments will be served.

8555 16th Street, Suite 600
Silver Spring, Maryland
Friday, June 5

I hemmed and hawed about attending this event. I am not sure how I feel about beauty queens. I looked up the Miss United States Pageant and it looks like they are requested to parade around in an evening gown, a bikini, and then submit to an interview. This sounds like "women as objects" kind of stuff to me. The lack of a talent portion is also hard for me to wrap my head around.


I complain that there are a lack of Asian parts on T.V. (aside from the required kung fu guy) and in other areas. Dolls are mostly white. I remember feeling frustrated that "pretty" when I was growing up meant blond hair and blue eyes and high cheek bones. There were no Barbies that looked like me. (I wasn't that into Barbie - I liked her clothes though. But as an example) Even today there are the odd, required, meet that quota, kind of representations but finding good regular representations is pretty much limited to cartoons. Little Einsteins does a great job. So does Sid the Science kid. So... with that in mind, maybe I can see this in a more positive light.

And then there is the basic, my kids complain because people think they look weird. "You have weird eyes." So if the beauty queens have "weird eyes" then maybe their eyes are not so weird?

I get over myself and call and RSVP.

Friday I bathe the kids, get hair cuts (they are photographing the kids with Miss D.C.) pack a change of clothes so they'll be fresh when we get there, and leave noon-ish. We hit Fredericksburg around 1:30 and stop for lunch. It is Friday, it is raining but we are doing okay time wise so I let them get out for lunch. We leave Fredericksburg around 2 ish. At 4:30 we are still on 95, not yet on the beltway and I'm freaking out. Plus we are running out of gas. Thank goodness I am lucky enough to drive a Honda and it has GPS and it will search for gas along my route. It routes me to a gas station. At 4:51 we turn onto 16th Street. We drive past the building because it is in a weird spot, you cannot see the building number and there is ahuge sign advertising it is for lease and obstructing any other information. Probably 4:55 I realize I've passed it. City driving, I turn around at the stop light, meanwhile calling information to try to call the A.S.I.A office to let them know we are almost there. I flip around, illegally, and drive back. I see a black SUV pulling out of the parking lot. OH PLEASE! I have to pass it because of the divide, hit the light, flip around in another parking lot, pull out in city traffic at 5 PM and go back to the light so I can turn back onto 16th street and pull in. We are out of the car at 5:08 and get into the elevator and up we go.

Sue sees us, and exclaims "Oh!" Miss D.C. has just left. They try to call her and cannot get through.

Sue and Anna consult. Can they take us out for drinks or something? They realize the kids ar fried and invite them in. They have crafts, medals, and crowns with sequins and stickers. They order pizza and get out: Tinker toys, a parachute and pencils so that Anna can teach us a Korean game. They put on Youtube and we dance to videos of Madagascar while we wait for pizza.

I am so incredibly impressed with their care, and generosity of their time. I know it was 5 PM on a Friday. They have families waiting for them for dinner and Friday night plans. They give them up to entertain my kids. We leave at 7 PM. My kids had a great time. And I am reminded why I like this agency so very much.

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beans said...

What an ordeal you went through .. .I am so glad that they were able to hang around and play with the kids!

I am glad you stopped by my blog . .and I will be sure to come back here and visit. I look forward to getting to know more about you and read about your adventures!