Saturday, June 20, 2009

Fun Night Out! (Woot!)

Yay! I got a 4 pm phone call from my husband at DataXstream LLC. Dave Moore (More, Mor...) is in town and we want to go out. Can you get a sitter? Normally this puts me in a mood. Hello? no. I cannot snap my fingers and have a babysitter materialize in thin air at 4 pm on a Friday night. Did a little brainstorming, and realized we will head out around 8 or so - so dealing with the kids shouldn't be a major part of the evening and I call one of the boys up the street. (I like these guys a lot, but I still have a daughter in diapers which they are not thrilled with.) Yes, one of them can watch my kids. Woohoo.

I am picked up by my husband at 7:30 PM (and I'm looking good thank you very much) and we go off to Paul's Deli. Paul's Deli needs its own post. It is a major landmark in this town. Wess and Dave are there talking - Hot Holly's all around with loaded fries and beer. Dave is a trip and they all three know each other from working together in Colorado. I am kept highly amused the entire time although that requires Wess stopping and translating geek to English from time to time.

8:30 ish Wess leaves to go do his "Unpersons" show. I cannot tell you what this is. If I try I'll butcher the whole concept and Wess will make fun of me (if he ever hears about it. not like he reads this or anything) for some time. Go download and listen. If you speak geek, Wess is funny and smart. Dave goes with him - he gets to be Wess's guest on the show.

Tim and I decided to try to catch a movie. I haven't been out to a movie in a theater in a really long time. It costs $10.00! Hello, this is not a city! We decide to watch "The Proposal" because I am a Sandra Bullock fan.


Okay it could have been the three beers (I'm a mommy now people - I don't drink three on a regular basis anymore) but I laughed, and I laughed and I had tears coming out of my eyes. The scenes between Sandra Bullock's character and Betty White were fabulous. Fabulous.


Cheryl said...

I'm impressed that you pulled that sitter off so quickly, extra bonus points for that!

What a treat to go out with your husband. It sounds like a night of good food, beer and laughs, perfect.

I love Sandra Bullock too, can't wait to see that movie. I'm sure it was just not the beer, she is just so funny.

Glad you had so much fun and mostly had so much laugher. That is my goal for the summer to laugh a lot more.

Hope your Sunday is great.

Meg said...

Ahhhh, Paul's Deli. Oh the memories that place brings back.

Glad you found a sitter.

mummyof5monsters said...

sounds great! a night out- aaah i remember those , vaguely:)

Melissa said...

just found your blog - we have 5 kiddos too! we hardly ever get a date night, but when we do, it's absolutely amazing! glad you had so much fun! :)

Becca said...

Sounds like you had a fun night! I've thought about seeing that movie. I think I'll go now that I know it's good!