Monday, June 1, 2009

Most Amazing Mom Award

goes to me. I'll find a cute graphic later.

I was at the pet store, Saturday I guess, and while buying nasty things to feed the lizards decided to ask about the Hognose snake sitting up there in my daughter's bedroom. It seems about 4 or 5 weeks ago it scared her and she hasn't picked it up since and I only knew because I noticed the cage needed cleaning... So I ask "How many of you are into reptiles?" All three Petsmart people look at me and say "I am." Good.

So here is the deal. My daughter is in the HERP club and I said she could bring home this snake over winter break. Only the teacher has been ill and needed surgery and rumor has it he is not returning to school and yes well, the snake is still in my house. And my daughter did fine with it until recently when it frightened her.

"So I know the bearded dragons need interaction or they will get depressed." I say, "does the Hognose care?"

"Well" Petsmart girl explains, "you need to handle it daily or it will start to protect it's cage and then you have a problem."

Oh great.

They ask how long we've had it. I explain. How long has it been since the snake has been handled? I explain.

"You need to do something NOW." They say. "If you don't have a problem yet you will soon."


They tell me to use gloves, "just in case." {sales girl actually says, if it is biting it will bite the glove and not you" does she know how long it will take me to work with snakes again if it bites? Does she know I don't want to touch a "happy" "well adjusted" "likes people" snake let alone one that might bite???}

I return home with goodies for animals and then my daugter feeds the snake. We wait two days {Petsmart people say LEAVE SNAKE ALONE for 2 days after eating} and I don't have work gloves so I use oven mitts. Hognose isn't sure about that but allows me to pick it up. I carry it to the tub and my daughter has her feet bare and already in there. I place snake in tub with my daughter. It explores the tub and seems to like the warmth of my daughters feet.

After a few minutes she gets some of her bravery back and carries it to the terranium to put it away.

Do I have to do this again tomorrow?

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Kristina P. said...

You are brave! I don't know if I would do this.