Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Regarding the Honda Minivan with the shattered window

I posted earlier about my shattered window

then on the 16th I posted an update to that post letting the blogosphere know that Honda was replacing the window. But I didn't have any more info than that and frankly I wanted to know if they offered or if it required pressure. (the first time around this particular game board it took a lot of pressure from us.)

this is my facebook conversation with my husband (and how sad is it that fb is where we exchange most of our information? but he travels, A LOT, and I don't need your judgement. its about the CAR. remember?)

Cailin Yates at 5:34am June 16
in all fairness I need to post that so I do need to know if you extorted their cooperation or if they gave it without hassle...

Timothy Yates at 7:24pm June 17
I applied a little pressure. I had a non engineering type talking to me and I got technical. I also pointed out all the blog postings that you dug up proving my knowledge of tempered glass. I also told them no more Honda's unless they made this right.

So I'm gonna go ahead and leave up the other blog post and all the links. Because if it requires a little arm twisting, well, I am all for twisting arms.

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