Sunday, June 28, 2009

Suddenly I hit a wall

Friday I just "quit" and sat on the couch and read one of great grandma's fluff books while Tiger and Dragon read their own things next to me and Bitsy climbed all over all of us and M-Lyons looked at picture books. Tim flew home late at night and woke up in one of his "I cannot believe you let the house look like this moods" and spent the day scrubbing away. Which would be lovely if he didn't spend the whole time angry with me. He had all the kids scrubbing too and was mad at them as well. For some reason I'm exhausted and finally at 1 I went and laid down and didn't get back up until 5. I'm only up now because M-Lyons came to our bed to sleep and in her sleep she was pushing on me until I woke up.

Since I am awake and it is quiet I posted a short bit on the blog I keep for Tim's company DataXstream LLC. I'm feeling rather good about that blog lately. I started in for him in December as sort of a moral boost. He'd been fighting the economy since last April and trying to keep the company n financial health and he was getting discouraged... so the blog was just a little thing to make him feel supported from home. Well apparently the clients, potential clients and past clients have given him good feedback about it. Enough so that he'll pass things along now in hopes that I'll get them out there. But then a week ago or so one of the sales guys was working with his foil at one of the partners and discussing company visibility. They ran some diagnostics test thing to see how often the websites get hits. Our blew theirs away in Tim's words. And the guy wanted to know how we got all the cross links. Tim said he thinks my little blog has a lot to do with the cross links (I link back to the site and to the partners and to the tradeshow sites and anything else I can think of.) So he was really pleased. It was particularly nice for me as people tend to think "oh isn't she a cute little bimbo" when someone (usually my husband) brings up that I do that for the team. Yes, people actually read it, thank you.

Thursday I was in to the eye doctor to get my contacts renewed and received un expected news. It appears that the doctor sees signs of macular degeneration and wanted to know more about family history. I sent out emails, all the aunts and uncles say they've not heard of any family history with that. So I don't know if it is an isolated issue or if it ties into psoriasis being an autoimmune disease. I made an appointment with my Naturopath and also with one of the women in my neighborhood. She is a nureo opthomologist (I think) and brilliant. I don't think this is her area but she ought to be able to get me started on where I need to go to learn about it. It really bummed me out Thursday. I don't want to have old lady eyes.

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Melissa said...

i have moments like those when i just don't feel like doing anything, usually when the kids are wound up, and I'm beyond tired. don't feel bad! you're still a good mommy - you just needed a break! :)

so sorry to hear about your eyes. it's really good that you're seeking out help to learn more about this condition. i'll keep you in my prayers!