Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Swimming - it is summer!!!

Around here summer pretty much means swim team. The whole town swims. Almost all neighborhoods have a pool and a team and a good portion of the kids swim. I love swim team. It gives us just enough structure, Beanie hits the water at 9:15 AM. Tiger and Dragon are in at 10:15 until 11. I can walk from my house. We go Monday - Friday from the last day of school until the end of July. Meets are killer though. Monday night the kids were due at the pool at 4:45 PM for warm-up (I purposefully skip warm up. it wears them out!) and we get home around 9:45PM. And the parents take turns working the meets. Nutty. But gratifying.

Beanie got us started at the end of Kindergarten. Everybody on the bus was yapping about practice and she wanted to go... she is a tiny thing and not a competitive swimmer, which kills me because she loves it and she tries with everything she's got. She's just such a pip sqeak.

Tiger is competitive, and places consistently. He pulled off a nice time in his 25 meter breast stroke Monday night. A kid in the 9-10 year old bracket didn't show so coach grabbed Tiger and threw him back in for a 50 meter breast stroke swim. He pulled off second place. Not bad for an 8 yr old. (He DQ-ed on the turn but the judges didn't see it. I told his coaches they better team him to touch and turn properly if they are going to swim him up very often.)

Dragon is still a bit of a spaz in the water. He tries but he hasn't gotten his arms and legs all coordinated just yet. He'll get there though, and when he does, watch out. He is a long, wiry, strong kid. He is going to be fast when it all comes together.


Kristina P. said...

I love swim season!

And you and Meg should definitely come out and visit!

Melissa said...

What dedicated little swimmers! Very cool - I remember visiting my cousin in the summertime and going to practices & meets w/her every day. It was fun! Thanks for reading & commenting on my blog! :)

FoxyMoron said...

Lovely post, great photos, awesome kids!

Becca said...

I'm hoping I can get my daughter involved in swimming this summer.
BTW, my daughter would fit in well with your family. We have 2 dogs (1 is a lab), a goldfish, & hermit crabs. She decided to let the skink/lizard thing she caught in the back yard return to its home after a few months. If I let her, she'd have every at least one of every animal/reptile she comes across in her room.

Annette Piper said...

My kids only just got the hang of swimming laps properly early this year - it all came together and suddenly we went from trying to get to the other side of the pool to how many laps do you want me to do!?

A little piece of 7th heaven said...

I love to swim as well.
I wish my kids could get on a swim team...there are not too many here..usually if you go to Catholic HS there is one and if you belong to a Swim Club..which we don' is one activity I always longed to get my kids into to..
Yay..for you guys and your swim cool.